Hi! It's been almost a year since I've blogged.. and I'm still considering whether or not to get back into blogging .. I'll come back to you on that. :) 

Right now, I'm part of the Angie Delarie Easter bloggity hop! :) 

1. Angie Delarie                http://angiedelarieproducts.blogspot.com/
2. Kellie Winnell                http://www.kelliewinnell.com.au/
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6. Leena Loh                     http://findingnana.com/
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8. Jaz lee Soo Hui             http://jazmescrapping.blogspot.com.au/
9. Lizzie Oakley                http://www.ohsnaplizzie.com/
10. Marie-Eve                     http://sweetmarieeve.blogspot.com.au/
11. Michelle Tan                 http://livinglifeincolor.blogspot.com ->YOU ARE HERE

If you have arrived here first, make sure you go visit all the other blogs too to get a chance to win! :)

Good luck and don't forget to check back to see if you're the lucky winner!


A new relationship that is.. :) 

This boy (Deddy) and I started going out a few days ago.. It's been a while since I've actually dated anyone (same for him too!) LOL! I believe that the wait is well worth it. 

God has been preparing me for him.. preparing me mentally and emotionally and when He believes I'm ready, bang! I suddenly met this boy, who's not entirely new to Wellington, yet we only met this year. 

I believe that God always has a plan.. everything happens in HIS time. 

I'm excited and hopeful to see how this relationship grows.. :) 

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