Hello!! I'm still alive.. barely! :D Life has been a whirlwind lately.. I've hardly had time to breathe!!!

I've had a great mail week.. got lots of lovely surprises in the mail (which I'll have to post pics of later on)... and my parents and aunt & uncle have arrived in Wellington. Work has also been insanely busy... hence my absence from the cyber world.

Tomorrow we're all off for a nice little vacation around the South Island for a week. Not too sure if I'll have internet connection to update or not, but I'll try! :D If you don't hear from me.. it doesn't mean I've fallen off the face of the earth.. it just means that I'm spending time with my family, hopefully taking lots of photos to scrap and that I don't have internet connection.

So I'll see you all in a week's time!

Have a great Easter break!

That's how it feels to be me right now. I've been sooooo busy at work the whole of last week and the weekend was spent cleaning up my apartment. Still lots to do before my family gets here on Wednesday!! Ack! Wish me luck!

I'll be back soon.. hopefully! Still alive.. just in case anyone's wondering.. just not enough hours in the day to do things!

Oh yeah.. just a layout I did I think a week ago.. it's my take of the last scrapjack of Amy Lapi.. Love that girl!

Have a happy week!

Today, 3 years ago, Jay and I started going out. I can't believe 3 years have past... it just feels almost unreal that we've been together that long. This is the longest relationship I've ever been in... and also the most peaceful... not much fighting or disagreements, we both give and take a lot and have never really had big problems. I'm very thankful for that.

Jay went back to Korea last December and at the moment we are doing the long distance relationship thing.. so far so good. Not too sure what the future holds for us, but I trust that God has a plan for us and I believe in fate. So no stress here.. just making the most of whatever time I have with him... and focusing on the good stuff.

Some days I miss him a lot.. miss having him pick me up after work and catching up over dinner about the day's events, I miss having yumcha with him in the weekends and going for drives around the bays...I miss having him take me to Kiwiscraps and patiently waiting till I'm done shopping, I miss him cooking for me, and having him around for me to talk to, vent to, and I miss listening to his army(military service) stories and watching Korean tv shows and dramas together and playing Go Stop (Korean card game).

Some days I'm ok where I'm so busy and caught up with all my own stuff that it doesn't feel that bad.. I still think about him, but I am ok with not having him around some days.

This is what 3 years look like together.. well I didn't even managed to get 3 years worth of photos on that collage, there are just too many photos! I hope that there'll be many more years to come for us.. Happy Anniversary honey.. xoxo

See you next week!


Wow! It's March already.. the days and months seem show no signs of slowing down, on the contrary, they seem to be speeding by faster than ever!! It's been a week since I last updated. Kept forgetting!!

First of all, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my BFF, Jacqie - she's back in my hometown, Miri. We've known each other since we were 3.. Here's to another wonderful year ahead.... God Bless always sweetie.

On Friday night I went to dinner with Jin. We went to Restaurant88 which is a Vietnamese Fusion restaurant. The food was really great. Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera with me. Jin managed to get photos with his phone, but I haven't got them off him yet. We shared the two dishes which were:


Aromatic steamed then fried baby chicken, served with a Chinese mushroom, lotus seed & sticky rice parcel. Accompanied by a selection of classic dipping sauces. A classic Vietnamese dish, best eaten with your hands.


Beautiful fresh fish fillet, seasoned with a chilli, lemongrass & blue ginger paste. Wrapped in banana leaf until perfection. Served with steamed rice and Asian salad

We both came to the same conclusion, the food was great.. and if we ever go back there again, the dish we'd have again is definitely the chicken. It's just soooo amazingly delicious!!! The fish was good too, but nothing spectacular.

After dinner, we just hung out and chatted and wandered around Courtenay Place for a while. We went to Ballroom to meet up with Nixon, Gunawan, Didi and Andy. Played one round of pool - I wasn't really in the mood and yet I was the only one who won against Nixon! Go figure! LOL!

Saturday I spent most of the day at home. It was such crazy-weathered day. The morning started out really humid and fairly sunny, and then it turned overcast and started pouring bucketloads throughout the day... non stop!!! And all the while, it was still really really humid.. I had to have my front door open throughout the day just to get a tiny bit of breeze into the house! I spent the morning doing 2 loads of laundry, posted the new KiwiJackMeUp and painted a canvas and chatted it up on the boards at SIS.

Here's my layout for the KiwiJackMeUp this month. Come and check out who we've jacked this time.

In the evening I went to Expressoholic despite the rain, to meet up with a group of Indonesian friends. Had I not promised to be there, I wouldn't have left the house in that kind of weather. The weird thing was that town was actually quite packed! I know it's a Saturday night, but it was still raining quite heavily! I had a great night catching up with old friends, meeting a few new ones, had a late dinner at R & S Noodle House with a few of the guys, played a few games of pool and a nice walk home. It was a really balmy night.. not cold at all.. so that was nice for a change, eventhough it was a bit uncomfortable.

Sunday was spent taking things off my Clip It Up and reorganizing. Halfway through that... stupid Aunt Flo arrived for a visit.. I hate it when she visits! Ugh! I was in a fair bit of pain.. and worse still, I found out I had no painkiller left! Yikes!!! So all I did was sat on my bed and chatted it up on the boards at ScrapInStyle. Traci and I threw a Saturday night party there. We had lots of fun chatting with those who joined us... I couldn't do much anyway... the amount of pain I was in. And then I had dinner (can't even remember what I had!) and then watched Greys Anatomy and Men In Trees - my Sunday night routine. After that, I pretty much went to bed!

Monday always comes too soon! My Monday flew past in the blink of an eye.. I had so much to do at work yesterday that it was mostly a blur! Yesterday's weather was very autumn-like. I don't like it.. I am very much a summer girl and I want the summer to stretch out for as long as possible!!! I'll be really sad once daylight savings end. I've already noticed that the days have gotten shorter, a sure sign that autumn is here or at least just around the corner. Oh well, I guess the only plus for autumn is the comfy hoodies and sweaters! :D Heehee.. I just ordered 2 new hoodies from Threadless after reading about them on Kelly Purkey's blog. OMG I want everything there.. well almost everything.. their t-shirt designs are so funky... I can't wait to get my hoodies!

Oh.. my parents will be in New Zealand in 10 days and I'll be seeing them in 15 days! OMG that's really soon.. and that also means we'll be off on our little trip to the South Island in 17 days!! YAY! I'm soooo excited! :D I can't believe it's so soon!

I've got sooo much to do before they get here. I need to reorganize my apartment and I need to declutter. Just don't have enough time in the week to do it! I need to sort my scrappy stuff and get them all back to where they should be in the first place!

Have a lot of projects on the go, but somedays when i get back from work, I'm just totally exhausted and mojo completely left me, so no scrapping done at all! Tonight for example is one of those nights! Oh well, at least I did get to update my blog right?! :D

Right.. I'm off for now.. hopefully my next update will be soon! If you've made it all the way to the end.. thanks! :D

Have a great day!