I've had a pretty good weekend.. despite the really cold and wet weather. I caught up with Gabriel on Friday night and we had a really great time reminiscing, catching up with events in each other's lives, enjoying good food, going for a coffee and even learning new things about each other. It was great... too bad he lives in New Plymouth, so I don't get to see him very often.

On Saturday I met up with Lisa for dinner at CHA, one of our favorite places.. or the place we seem to always end up going to when we catch up. The last time we saw each other was in mid-March.. a long time ago!!! So we had a really good yak and just updating each other on the current going ons in our busy lives and what we've been up to in the past month or so. On Sunday we went out to Dressmart Tawa and went boots shopping too. :D Totally scored a pair of off white leather boots for a really great bargain! Couldn't resist eventhough I wasn't looking for anymore shoes! They are so soft and so comfortable!!

Monday was a whirlwind of a day at work and I didn't finish till close to 6pm and then I stopped by at New World Metro to pick up a few grocery items.. came home and made dinner. I made extra too for the next few days.. so I don't have to worry about buying lunch or being too tired to cook after work.

Last night I had a really great chat session with Kevan who lives in Auckland. We haven't seen each other since February last year.. and we don't catch up very often, but it was really good to talk last night.. frustrating though... due to the bad weather, cellphone signals were really bad and we resorted to chatting on MSN instead. The thing is, with Kevan, it doesn't matter how long we've not seen each other or talked.. we always managed to chat as if we've just seen each other last week.. really comfortable.. and I am really thankful for that.

Mom and dad rang and we caught up too. I really miss them! It was nice to talk to them and they were totally worried about me being cold and getting caught in the rain and all.. and of course they left me with plenty of advice and suggestions and mom even gave me cooking suggestions .. I know they miss me too! :D

Today was pretty good.. work calmed down a little and I had a nice little catch up about our weekends with Sarina. It's always nice to sit down and eat lunch together and just chat. We always manage to talk about soooo many different things... she's more like family than a boss really.. and I LOVE that. :D

Rang and spoke to Jay after dinner tonight... we didn't talk for long since we've both been leading pretty boring lives.. LOL! I told him about what I did in the weekend and so did he.. and just chatted about a few other things...

And then I rang and chatted/vented to Kevan about things... it was really good to get some things off my mind. I really appreciated him taking the time to talk to me. He mentioned something that I'm really going to try and consciously do in my life from now on. I probably do it already.. but I need to remember to do at least one thing that I really really love and enjoy every day.. even if it's for only 30 minutes. That means each night I'd go to bed happy in knowing that I've done something I'm really passionate about (according to Kevan.. and I totally agree!) :D

So with that.. I'm off to scrap some! :D

Have a great week ahead!


I scrapped just now!! All scrapped, scanned and posted on SISTV all under an hour! That's a first! LOL! Never scrapped so fast before. Just a simple layout... but I'm really happy with it. Used the Romantic Collection again (Thickers not included in the collection).

I'm catching up with Gabriel tomorrow night.. can't wait! Haven't seen him for a few months and he's just down here in Wellington till Sunday.

And Saturday I'll be catching up with Lisa .. a long overdue catch up! We've both been really busy. I am really looking forward to having dinner with her 'cos we always have so much fun together and laugh like maniacs when we see each other. I miss working with her...

Ok.. I'm off to bed now.. TGIF tomorrow!! WOOHOO!!!
Yeah.. I don't even know what to title my posts these days! LOL!

Wow.. the weeks have just flown past... time really has been sneaking up on me!! What have I been doing? Let's see...

I received my Trendsetter and the Romantic collections from SISTV about 2 weeks ago and I have managed to play with the Romantic. Have yet to use the Trendsetter (Hopefully soon!).

I scrapped a random and funny conversation with Breanne. :D I used my vintage KI Memories papers.. LOVE them.. finally had the courage to cut them up! (click on the picture to read convo)

I mass produced ATCs - 60 of them to be exact, for the Sister to Sister swap on SISTV. I sent them off to Nicole in the US yesterday and I'll be getting 60 different ones back (hopefully!) including one of my own. I'm soooo excited to get them back. I'm happy with what I did for mine.

Said goodbye to Liang on Saturday. She left to go back to Indonesia and Andy will be following suit in a month or so. (Photo courtesy of Adri)

Apart from that, I've just been staying home and trying to get through my to-do list. :D

I found a new little fun place called Scrapblog that makes digi scrapping so easy! I made these:

I'll be back again later this week. I'm praying for good weather this weekend so I can go out and take some new photos (hopefully).

Until then.. have a great week!!!

ago.. exactly today.. SISTV launched.

A year ago today..I joined this new scrappy community called SISTV.

A year later.. my life has changed because of this place - to an extent that I never would have imagined.

A year later, I've gained so many friends from all over the world. Friends who understand and share my passion. Friends who are there to support and encourage me.. to laugh and cry with me.

A year later, I got the chance to contribute more to this community and I am thankful for this opportunity.

For JJ's dream and her guts to make it come true.. I am truly grateful!

Happy Anniversary SISTV!!!
Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mommy...

We may not always get along... we may not always agree on the same things. She may get frustrated with me for being so stubborn and not do as I'm told. She'll nag me for the littlest things.. she'll fuss over me.. and I get so annoyed that she goes on and on sometimes about the most minor things... and I didn't like it when she made me eat pumpkin or drink 2 glasses of water every morning when I get up (too much water, too little time!) or tell me that I drink too much coffee (I've cut back now). But I know that all these things she does and says.. she does out of love for me. I know that she wants the best for me.

My mommy was just here in Wellington for over a month. It wasn't easy initially to be in such closed quarters (I've been living away from home for sooooo long). But eventually we got used to it and had our little routines that made it all ok.

She did so much for me... she cooked dinner and made sure I had a lunchbox to take to work, she handwashed some of my clothes for me, she cleaned my apartment (together with dad) while I was at work, she reinforced all the little beadings on my tops for me... just little things.. but things that mean so much to me.

Thank you mommy.. for all that you do even when I don't like it (the pumpkin) and thank you for all the countless little things that you do for me.

I love and miss you.
I'm hosting a scavenger hunt game over at SISTV right NOW!!!
So come over and play!!!

This is the thread where the game is.

See ya!!
There's no May flowers here 'cos it's autumn/winter now. The weather has definitely changed. Thankfully there was no rain today. :D

Not much going on here.. just a layout I did a few weeks ago and also my Kiwi Jack Me Up layout. :D Gosh.. I just realized how long it has been since I've actually posted any scrappage here!!!

Thank God it's Friday tomorrow! YAY! I'm catching up with Jin and Songhwan for dinner and then drinks later on. And then I have to start planning for NSD on SISTV for this weekend.

Don't forget to stop by. I'll be hosting 2 sessions, one on Saturday night 8pm (NZT) = 3am CST (US) and the other session is Sunday 12pm (NZT) = 7pm CST.

The other thing I'm totally excited about is Adrienne's Artistic Edge class. It's a photo editing online class and I'm dying to learn from this girl. She's got mad skillz!!! That starts tomorrow! YAY!

Ok.. I better be off to bed! See ya soon!