July proved to be a rollercoaster of a month. I've been overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, anxious, happy, sad and bittersweet.

Bad stuff:

  • Feeling overwhelmed at work
  • Feeling frustrated and hanging in the air about the state of my relationship with Jay

Hard stuff:

  • Talking to Jay to see where things are headed for us
  • Calling it quits with Jay

Good stuff:

  • Attended birthday parties 3 Saturdays in a row! (click on the collage to view the pictures in a larger format)
  • Lots of time hanging out with Elvry, Lia, Bibhien, Dhani, Mario, Mba Kiki, Bang Dade, Nina, Dessy and lot of others
  • Going out dancing
  • Good friends keeping me happy and sane!
  • Getting a boxful of goodies from SISTV
  • Receiving new perfume (Stella by Stella McCartney) from Sarina & Russell
  • Finally getting the 7Gypsies ATC spinner on sale! YAY!
  • Playing pool a lot.
Elvry's birthday

Ardya's belated birthday dinner

Lia's egg and flour 'party'

Lia's Birthday party

Had countless photos taken with friends Coffee at Expressoholic

Took an impromptu roadtrip to Palmerston North

So that's the summary of my July! :D

Ok.. the month has just flown by... and I've been so slack in recording all that I've been up to.. *sigh* I need at least another 8 daylight hours each day!!! I have been up to quite a lot actually...
  • Organized Online SISversary - was a really great experience.. a bit stressful ('cos I really wanted everything to go well and for the SISters to enjoy it)
  • Hosting SISversary - even posted a welcome video on Youtube!!
  • Elvry, Dhani & William came to keep me company when I was hosting SISversary and couldn't leave the house. :D
  • Dinner at Elvry's place (2 weekends in a row!) .. ayam kuning and soto ayam!! Yummy!!! Thanks Elv!!!
  • Went out clubbing for the first time in years 2 weeks ago... on Friday and Saturday!! :D
  • Went photo hunting with Dhani and Mario and Gusti - I'm not that satisfied with my photos, but it's all part of learning. And it was lots of fun...
  • Worked late a lot... just insanely busy at work right now.. I feel so exhausted!
  • Created no layouts until tonight.. but I did do quite a few ATCs and a few other little projects
  • Dance practice starting again at the Indonesian Embassy last Friday.. and will be going on till end of August possibly.
  • Meeting new friends and having new people to hang out with
  • PPI Wellington & Palmerston North friendly sports tournament last weekend.. great fun watching all the games and just hanging out with friends
  • An AMAZING night out dancing till 5.30am! (I've not actually done that for 3 years!!!) - I would relive every minute of that night again if I could.. it was the best night I've had in a long long time...
  • Catching up with Adi... and just having so much fun together.
Ok.. I'm blanking out now.. I can't even remember much else.. and even if I do.. I just don't have the energy to write them all down. Leaving you with my Kiwi Jack Me Up layout. :D

Have a great week!