Where New Zealand is???

This package was sent to me by a friend in the States last NOVEMBER... and I just received this last week!!! On the envelope it said "MISROUTED TO UGANDA".

????? What in the world?! How can you confuse New Zealand and Uganda???

Anyway... it was kinda nice to have surprise mail... :D Thanks Cynthia!!!!

Anyway... will be back later with more updates I guess... gotta get back to work for now.
I have not been scrapping lately... well not much anyway... this is because I have been soooooo addicted to this particular Korean drama.... Goong (Princess Hours)...

Now I know why Michelle Wood said she was sooooo addicted to it! This is way up there with my other fave - Full House..... This drama is not one of the typical ones with deaths and terminal illnesses... LOL!
Goong is more like Prince and Me if any of you have seen the movie.... sort of anyway... I won't talk too much about it in case some of you may want to watch it.. don't want to spoil it for you.
I just really really enjoyed this one.. and I've already seen it 2 times (24 episodes!)... :D
Anyway... back to what you are doing.. thanks for popping by!
This layout of mine was chosen as one of the three Layout of The Days at OPAAT! Woohoo! I really love this layout.. it's about a dear friend of mine, Cheryl. This is one of those that you feel totally happy about the whole thing.... :)

Will be back with more updates soon. :)
The week is almost over.. my mojo hasn't been back completely yet.. but I did manage to scrap a bit.

Did this layout yesterday for the Scrapjacked challenge on the blog. My little cousin Daniel - photo taken at my aunty's wedding last December. He's just adorable and I can't resist scrapping his photos!

Supplies: PP-KI Memories, Sassafraslass; Brads - Queen & Co, Red hearts - hand cut felt; CS-Bazzill; American Crafts Thickers.

This Junkitz album is from Ali Edwards' Perspective class I took in August last year. I was soooooo slack in getting it finished. Last week I finally did! Click on the photos to get a better view (read the journalling if you want to).

Ali signed the back cover of my album. :)


Thanks for stopping by!
About a month ago, I received an email from a lady called Suz Doyle. She requested one of my layouts for the Aussie Scrap Source blog.. and I just found out today that they've posted it over the weekend! :) Makes me really happy...

Not much else for today.. shoe-spirations from the past few days...

That's all for now folks.. check back again soon!
Just a little meme from Sophia at 2Peas...

A vegetable - Broccoli
An animal - Puppy
A fruit - Mango
A color - hot pink!
A household object - TV
An article of clothing - A slinky red dress
A Drink - Mojito
A famous person - Audrey Hepburn
A Film Character - Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (forgot her character name)
A cartoon Character - Pebbles from The Flinstones
A Car - Rav4
A city - Milan
A country - Italy
A mythical Creature - unicorn (original huh?LOL!)
A chocolate bar - Twix
A book - Any of my favorite chick-lits
A sport - Pool
A word - Laugh
One of your family - Just me
One of your friends - I'm happy being me... :)

switching over to the new Blogger!

Ugghh.. there was no way around it like usual where you can opt to not switch at this point in time.. but today... that option was gone!

So I've just finished switching over to the new Blogger... I've crossed over to the other side. *Sigh*

Shoe-spiration for the past couple of days and today of course.

That's all for now! Will be back with more tomorrow....
First of all... It's my Daddy's birthday today.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Daddy!! I love you!!

Well.. technically my Monday is drawing to an end.. and Monday for a lot of you is just approaching.

Today was a really slow day at work! I finished all my work on Friday.. and all I had to do today was to send out late payment reminders.. and that was practically all I did all day. Boy was it hard to try and look like I wasn't totally idle! As good as an easy day at work sounds.. it actually made the day drag out quite a bit.

Tomorrow is Waitangi Day... PUBLIC HOLIDAY!! Yay! No work for me!!

I decided to finish up my Perspectives album which I did at Ali Edwards' class last year (hanging head in shame!). I know it's taken me forever to actually get it all done! I will post pictures tomorrow when I can get decent pictures. For now.. I have 2 blocks of journaling left to do.

So... I'm leaving you with this...

Till next time.. toodles!
Wow... the weekend was fun! Well... nothing out of the ordinary but I got to hangout with friends and people watch. The Rugby Sevens were on here in Wellington on Friday and Saturday. After dinner on Friday - Laura, Lies, Harridz and I parked ourselves on the couches at Starbucks and people watched. A lot of them were dressed up in crazy costumes... some in nude body suits with fake body hair (you get the idea!), men in diaper made from garbage bags, a number of Jack Sparrows, Borats, you name it.

Saturday night we did the same.. with a few additional friends this time. And boy was it busy in town. Sevens finished on Saturday so there was a lot more people in town that night. And a bigger variety of costumes. Saw a few tubs of yoghurt... Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles... policeman/women... sailor girls... pilots... just a whole variety of people who were crazy enough to dress up! I was quite surprised to not see a single trolley dolly... :D

Well.. here's the double page layout I did for Sharon's CJ - the theme was 20 Questions. Underneath all the coasters are the questions and on the actual coasters, I had the answers.

So here are the shoe-spirations for the weekend.

Well.. that's all for now.. will update again soon....
Geez.. it's harder and harder to think of post titles! Reminds me of English class in highschool where we had to summarise a whole paragraph in one sentence!

Wow... where has January gone? It barely even got here and now February's already taken over! I've got a feeling that this year is going to whizz by even faster than 2006.

Just posting the shoe-spiration for today. For those of you who commented and asked if I actually wear shoes like these? The answer is NO. I only wear shoes up to 3 inches max (that's hardly ever!)... I'll be more likely to fall flat on my face if I do! LOL! I just love looking at them and love the all the lovely colors and details. I'm more of a ballet flats and sandals kind of girl.. and the occassional kitten heels. :)

Right.. that's all for today.. off to bed now. So much for scrapping tonight! I ended up doing my nails. :) Just really tired and uninspired.

Got a layout to take photos of... tried earlier.. but they didn't come out good.. so will try to take photos of them again tomorrow... so stay tuned!