Yesterday was the first Saturday in a long time where my day wasn't bound by commitments and events.. it was the first Saturday in months where I could just wake up and decide spontaneously what I want to do.

I got up early (before 8am!!!) after a good night's sleep and just went about my normal morning routine of firing up my laptop and making a cup of coffee. Lia texted and we made plans to meet up at 10am in town with intentions to go to Te Papa for the Thai and Javanese wayang (shadow puppet) shows. I managed to complete half a layout with the new Urban Prep Collection from SISTV.

The 10.30 session of the wayang show was pretty slow, not a whole lot of people. After a while, we left and went up to the top of Te Papa out on the deck to take some photos. I got quite a few of Lia which I totally love.. and of course how could we not do our usual self-portraits??? :D

We went back in to catch a bit of the Javanese show and then left and went to Regal (our fave place) for yumcha... yummy! We had all the prawn dishes since it was just the two of us! LOL! It was good... after yumcha we bumped into Faisal and he dragged us off for a coffee at Sweet Mother's Kitchen. It was so wonderful to sit in the warm sun (mind you this is winter, and it's rare to have a nice warm sunny day!) and just hang out with friends.

Lia and I then went window shopping along Lambton Quay - I went in to Max with the thought of looking for the same pair of gray herringbone tights that I have (it's falling apart already!) and I didn't think there'd be any left but there was still a couple of pairs! So I got one... I love the pattern and texture of these tights... :D And I scored a gray shift dress for work at Glassons for only $50!! Woohoo! LOVE bargains! We both then headed back to my place and I transferred photos from the morning from my camera to my laptop and we just had fun looking at the photos and reliving the great morning that we had.

Bibhien, Dhani and Mario came by and hung out for a bit and then we all decided to go to Makara Beach since it was a nice day.. the sun had gone by then, but still light outside and it was such nice weather to pass up the chance. Despite having lived in Wellington for close to 10 years, I've never actually been to Makara Beach... so I was really keen to see the place.

We trekked along the gravel path up a grassy hill all the way up to the top of a cliff. Along the way we stopped quite a lot to take photos... a lot were just silly and us all having fun! It was really awesome.. we were all one big family - very close and very silly and carefree together. I love it! :D

When we finally got to the top of the cliff, it was already dark by then, but still nice to be able to sit and enjoy the peacefulness of the dusk. There were a lot of bees around for some reason and they kept buzzing around Dhani, Lia and I. Amidst the laughter, the photo taking.... there was quite a bit of shrieking on my and Lia's parts too!!! The bees just won't leave us alone!

On the walk back downhill , in the dark, the bees still followed us!! Crazy! All of us were so cute.. we held hands like kindergarten kids... Dhani in front and Mario at the back with Lia, myself and Bibhien in between. It was dark, but not pitch black. Due to a light drizzle earlier, the grass was wet and being the klutz that I am, I asked Dhani to go slow since i was afraid that I'd slip and fall (and dragging everyone down since we were all holding hands!). There was a few times when i almost did fall and then at one point, Dhani was trying to swat away the bees and someone (can't remember who) said something funny and we were all laughing and in a split second, I fell on my butt!!!!!! That caused a little bit of concern initially and then laughter after that. It was ok.. didn't hurt myself at all.. just got my top wet from the wet grass...

We managed to track all the way down the grassy hill and the gravel beach in the dark and back to the car in one piece without any major mishaps. We even managed to pose and take photos! LOL!

After that, we decided that fish and chips and an evening of relaxing and chilling out at my place wa
s the plan. We dropped Lia off for another appointment and went on our way to New World at the Railway station to pick up ketchup and tartare sauce and some munchies for the evening. Somehow, we managed to not just get the things we needed, we managed to take crazy photos at the supermarket too!!!

The evening went by with dinner, watching bits of the Olympics on tv, viewing photos from the day on the laptop, playing cards and lots and lots of laughter.

Yesterday was perfect. Yesterday I enjoyed and loved every second of my day. Yesterday was so memorable - filled with good friends, good food and an abundance of laughter and love. Yesterday was so good for my soul.