I like Mondays....the fact that it's the start of a brand new week makes it pretty exciting.
I get excited to see what the week holds for me.. so Mondays are good... busy but still good.

I enjoyed and savored the moments of my day and appreciated the little things.

My little thing today was that I downloaded Bob Sinclar feat Dollarman - Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) - LOVE this song!

And then I danced around my room with this song playing on loop!! LOL!

It felt really good to do that after a hard day at work.

I strongly recommend taking time out each day to just dance with pure abandon!

And I put the camera on timer and took pics too! Hahhaha....total cam whore but I don't care! :D

Just wanna share!

Hope you've all had a lovely Monday!
I have a glittered rainbow on my bedroom floor! :)

Working on a special project at the moment and I'm pretty happy with how it's coming along!!!

LOVE it when things turn out like how I see it in my head.

It's lovely and sunny here today.. eventhough it's cold, I don't care.. I'm just so happy to see the sun!!

Have a lovely day all!!!

Have you ever woken up from a dream and felt all warm and fuzzy?

I did this morning! I had a really random dream last night where this cute guy (supposedly a friend of mine - but no one I actually know in real life) was being totally nice to me. I was really bogged down at work and a group of us were having lunch together in a cafeteria-like place (somewhere that felt like it was very near my work place) where I said that I wish I could take an hour lunch break to go for a walk and destress for a bit.

This guy friend got up and disappeared for a couple of minutes and came back with a number (like the type you get when you order food), put it down on the table and said to me.. go take your hour break. You can now... and I was stumped! Apparently he worked it out with my manager or boss or something that he'd work that hour for me! In my dream I got the vibe that he was keen on me (and that was a really nice feeling!) and I kinda liked him too... did I mention he was cute??!!!

And then at another totally random time, we were both in my room back in Malaysia and apparently I've got a new baby sister!!! We were both just playing and loving on the baby..and totally acting like we were a couple! It was kinda weird.. a nice kind of weird.

I wonder what this dream means... anyway.. it made me feel really warm & fuzzy today....what a nice feeling. :)
My weekend was great!! :)Had coffee with a couple of Korean friends after work on Friday and then headed to the Indonesian embassy for a social function. Got loved on by my friend's little girl, Kezia - played hide and seek with her and fed her dinner and just hung out with friends. That was lovely! :D

Spent the day with my friend, Lisa yesterday. She asked me to take photos of her and I did get some good shots. (Here are just a few)

Then we went shopping at Dressmart and at Queensgate and I spent a bit of money getting new clothes and a new pair of boots. I got a tunic dress for $10 and a black long sleeve top (non merino!! Can't wear merino) for $10.99 and a really cool wrap around dress (can be dressed up or down!) from Max. Basically everything I got were on sale except for a pair of leggings from Lippy.

And then in the evening, I went to a friend's baby shower/farewell for a little while and came home to an early night - who knew shopping could be so tiring!

Today I went to Newlands College for the opening of the Indonesian Independence Day sports tournament. Just a chance to catch up with friends and buy some Indonesian food (risoles & pisang goreng). :) After that, Priza, Sammy, Bang Dade and myself went to lunch at Rams and I went to Gordon Harris to get a canvas (to make a farewell gift) and canvases were on 35% off! Woohoo!

Then it's just a lazy evening in - rang my parents, edited photos from yesterday and watched Greys Anatomy.

Phew! This has been a rather social weekend in comparison to my usual ones!!! Hope you had a great weekend!
For this!!!!!!!!!

It's been an insane week at work.... extremely busy with lots of proof reading and invoicing and phone ringing off the hook with new jobs coming in... Oh my... I've barely had time to breathe much less do anything artsy!!

Well, I lie... I did make a couple of cards on Tuesday... but that's probably the extent of my creative time this week. At the end of the day, all I want to do is just take a hot shower, jump into my jammies and go to bed!

It's winter. It's freezing. And I've had a hectic schedule.. so that explains the whole wanting to hibernate thing...

I went to Sweet Mother's Kitchen for dinner with Michele and her daughter, Chanel yesterday.. that was nice.. We had jambalaya and curly fries with Creole mayo! YUM!!!! :)

So that's about it.. really looking forward to the weekend.. have plans to catch up with Lisa and go shopping and possibly thrifting! It'll be my first time thrifting actually, so not sure if I'll find something, but I'm sure it'll be a fun experience. Hope I get to find some great bargains... :) And then I have dinner at night with a few friends - not sure where yet, but I'm sure it'll be a blast!

So I'll leave you with piccies of the cards I've made (some made last week). :)

Thanks for stopping by!!!
I had a pretty good weekend... quiet, relaxing but productive.

Friday after work I caught up with Gusti and tried out the new Korean restaurant called NewKor (yeah.... original huh?!). Priza and Bang Dade came by a bit later and we just sat and caught up. It was nice.

Went home and finished up my June ATCs for the swap over at SISTV. The them is Flowery & Sparkly. Mine are pretty simple but I like them. :)

Saturday was spent doing laundry and brainstorming in the morning and figuring out how to thread my sewing machine and then in the afternoon, I managed to sweet talk Bang Dade into taking me to Spotlight to get supplies to make SISversary nametags. I was pretty happy with what I came up with and finally finished everything last night and they went postal today! Unfortunately I can't post piccies yet - don't want to spoil the surprise (in case any of those ladies actually read my blog). :) So stay tuned and I'll post pics as soon as I can.

Today was really busy at work - the full team came by for lunch and a quick catchup and we had a group photo in our new t-shirts. :) Then I went into full on proof reading mode for the rest of the afternoon and didn't get home till close to 6pm!

I was so tired that I actually took at catnap for about 40 minutes - took a shower and had dinner and just edited a few photos.

It's only 9.30pm now but I'm exhausted so I'm going to call it a night. I've actually drafted a couple of posts before this, but have yet to edit photos, so those will pop up soon when I'm done with the photos! Too tired to do more tonight.
We had a potluck at Lia's place tonight. It was the first time I got to meet baby Zay... Mba Nina & Jeffry's new baby.

Dhani, Bang Dade and I chipped in on the gift for the new baby. Last night, after I had drinks with the ScrapMate girls, I went to New World with Dhani and we bought diapers (that was an interesting experience!) - it was funny 'cos we stood in front of all the diapers available and just couldn't decide (more like didn't really know) which ones to get! But we did ok and managed to get right ones (I think!) in the end. We also got a big pack of baby wipes.

Went home and started to roll up the diapers and paint the base of my diaper cake and then tie them all together with Dhani's help. Called it a night after that.

This morning I got up early and started to paint chopsticks and print the little zoo babies and assembled my diaper cake! Really happy with the outcome. I think it turned out pretty cute for my first attempt! :)

Once that's done, I made bakwan indomie and bakwan udang for the potluck. Got showered, changed and Bang Dade came by to pick me up.

Was soooooo happy to see Kezia. She smothered me in kisses and hugs and cuddles and even fell asleep in my arms at the end of the night. That was so nice. :)

I had a great day today! I got in creative time, had good food and a great evening with good friends. Perfect!