Last week of May! Wow! This year has just flown by!

Haven't done much lately.. weather has been pretty insane so a lot of time was spent at home.

Took half the day off on Friday and went to Immigration to get my visa transferred to my new passport. The queue was pretty long and the guy told me that they couldn't do mine that same day and I was to leave my passports there with them. I was more than happy to do that... anything to not have to sit and wait around! Went home and relaxed, downloaded a few digikits and then got ready to go to the Indonesian Embassy. There was a welcoming function for 2 new staff members and their families. As always, good food and it was nice to catch up with people whom I've not seen in a while. After the event, I just came home and downloaded more digikits (yeah.. on a freebie downloading spree right now!) and scrapped a few digi pages for my daily photos.

I slept in a little on Saturday and the weather was shocking! Heavy rain beating against my window and strong gusty wind throughout the day and night and pretty much that weather carried on till yesterday! Pottered around the house and finished up a little project (will be revealed later) and downloaded more kits. :) Bang Dade took me to pick up groceries for the coming week and I made chicken&egg burgers for our dinners when we got home. My mom rang for a quick chat too. And I spent the night lounging around surfing the net and actually fell asleep on my jumbo bean bag. I couldn't be bothered climbing into bed (like 3 feet away!) and just dragged my mink blanket to cover myself and resumed sleeping till the morning on my beanbag.. it was actually nice 'cos I was right next to the heater.

Sunday was another day spent at home. I really like my solitude at times...and especially when the weather is miserable, I like cranking up the music and the heater and just not do much! Aaaahhhh...nice and relaxing. :)

Work was pretty full on yesterday and today but it's ok.. I go home each day feeling super productive, tired but I feel good that I get to cross the majority of my to-do-list off! :)

So..that's about it... finally downloaded pictures off my camera/scanned images of a few scrappy projects done recently.

Here they are:

Rainbow & Texture ATC swap at SISTV

Layout created with Social Butterfly from SISTV

I'm doing a bible study with a few girlfriends and keeping an art journal for this. Here's my journal:

And this is my first entry:

So.. that's all from me for now! Back soon!

Have a fantastic week ahead!

My weekend was pretty good - a balanced one I think. :) I slept in a little on Saturday and Sunday.

On Saturday I scrapped a LO (picture of that to come!) and did 10 ATCs for the rainbow & texture swap over at SISTV. Played games on the laptop.Went out for dinner at Nandos with a few of the usual suspects and then hung out at Priza's place. Getting a capark that night was horrendous! OMG!! I caught a ride with Bang Dade and we went round and round for about 20 minutes before we decided to just park in the carpark building at Reading Cinemas, and even then, we had to go all the way to the roof top! Insane!

On Sunday I digi-scrapped a couple of pages for my daily project, downloaded more free digikits and then proceeded to organize (into some kind of system) all my digikits on my laptop, started a new project, made lunch for today, caught up with Giuseppina online, and then my daddy rang for a chat while I reorganized some scrappy stuff!

Wow... turned out I did do quite a bit yesterday despite feeling pretty unproductive. :)

Have a great week ahead all!
mojo visited and stayed!!!! OMG I don't think I've scrapped this much before!! Ever!!
I got 9 layouts done in about 4 days.. that's a big feat for me!!

I had so much fun scrapping these layouts and rediscovering my SISTV collections. Each layout was created with a different collection from SISTV.

Felt so good to put all the new layouts into my album and I'm well above my targeted 1 layout a week for this month! Woohoo!!! :)

Rainbow Sushi Collection at SISTV

Shabby Rock Star Collection at SISTV

Night Owl Collection at SISTV

Girly Girl Collection at SISTV

Kristina Contes Collection at SISTV

Kelli Crowe Collection at SISTV

The Romantic Collection at SISTV

Beach Bum Collection at SISTV

Urban Prep Collection at SISTV

Aside from that, I'm still not 100% but feeling a lot better after taking the day off work to rest at home yesterday. And I can't believe it's Friday tomorrow! Feels like it was just Monday yesterday... but I guess that's how you feel when you are sick... the days all mold into one!

I'm hoping to get more scrapping done... so that's about it from me for now.

Thanks for stopping by!

I'm such a horrific blogger of late! I was semi regular with my posting back in March (I think) and then just somehow fell off the wagon again in April.

This is a new month and I want to try to do better... to post a bit more regularly... and share more regularly.

I don't think that there's anyone left out there who's still actually checking out this space... but it's ok.. I'm recording all the details for me... for my future self... lest i ever forget.

This month, I will do my best:
  • To post at least twice a week
  • To create at least one layout a week (being realistic here!) on top of other little projects
  • To edit my daily photos and print them out (so far behind it's not even funny!)
  • To continue working on my 365 pages and hopefully will be up to date soon
  • To clean out my closet and purge/sell stuff that I haven't been wearing in the past 6 months and don't think I will be wearing in the next 6 to come.
  • To just enjoy time with friends
  • To make a conscious effort to send an email or call my family and friends so they know that I'm thinking of them and that I miss them
  • To complete or at least work on projects that were abandoned halfway (not on purpose - just that I get the urge to do new things and just jumpt into them thus leaving the old projects just pushed aside indefinitely)

Ok I will be back again hopefully soon with photos.... lots of photos that I was supposed to put up here a few weeks ago.... but have just procastinated too much and never got around to doing.

Ta ta!