Nothing much to post about today.. I'm at work all by myself.. and it's really cold outside.

I've been searching for older songs that I used to love listening to and I remembered this one. My brother and I LOVED this song back in 1996/97..... Just thought I'd share... :)


Ok.. that's all for now.. have a wonderful day!
Monday's over! That was fast! I caught up with my friend Gabriel (refer previous post) again after work today. He's leaving tomorrow and I had to return his memory stick which he gave me on Saturday to copy some photos. We went to Fidels for coffee and had a really good chat. It was really nice to chat with an old friend...

Came home and had dinner and then started putting together some happy mail. I've been so busy that I've not had the chance to send stuff out lately... plus this round is almost over and I want to send out a few more packages. And of course being Monday night... my fave Men In Trees series was on.. so I watched that naturally.... and there you have it.. my Monday! LOL!

It's FREEZING here today... OMG all I want to do i
s just crawl under the covers and hibernate! And because it's so cold, I'm feeling quite hungry again (it's 11.48pm here - bedtime!).. oh the dilemma... to go to bed hungry or to eat and risk putting on unwanted weight?!

As promised.. my daily cards! I've finally finished up to Sunday. Unfortunately tonight I am too tired to do today's. Will have to do that one tomorrow.

As always thanks for stopping by, do leave me a comment or a message in my chatterbox and have an excellent day!! I'm off to dreamland!
My blog has been quiet.. it's been a busy and stressful week... work and helping Jay (bf) with his final assignments. I'm just so exhausted mentally.... and I'm sooo happy my weekend's been great!

Nothing much to say about my actual week... but I had an awesome Friday night and Saturday and a pretty good Sunday so far!

Friday night - I caught up with my daily cards... Had no time to create or scrap anything at all, all week and I was seriously gasping to play with all my scrappy stuff. Friday night I stayed home and just chilled... just me with a chick flick on in the background, doing my daily cards and surfing the gallery at SIStv. Went to bed pretty early for a Friday night too! I think my body really thanked me for that!

Saturday morning I met up with the usual brunch crew - Adri, Lala and Andy. We went to Parade Cafe for brunch. I had the Grand Parade - my indulgence for the week.

Yummy! I couldn't even finish it at all.. so Andy polished it off for me! LOL! I love the food at Parade Cafe.. and even more amazing, all the beautiful artwork by local artists they display and sell. Unfortunately I didn't get pictures.. I don't think I'd be allowed to. But the good news is I got awesome inspiration... that's a bonus!

After brunch all of us walked to Te Papa (the museum) to have a look around. There were Maori events going on there - hangi cook off, haka performances and all. Took this photo at the overseas terminal. It was a really beautiful sunny winter day... really cold.. but nonetheless sunny and bright. I was really happy to be able to get nice pics! :D

One of my friends, Gabriel came down from New Plymouth for the weekend. He and another friend of ours, Pan, came to meet up with me at Te Papa. We sat and had a coffee and then took a walk to Oriental Bay to take a few more pictures. I love jumping shots.. those are my obsession lately! LOL! I am really happy with how the pics turned out.

After it became too dark and too cold for any more pictures, the three of us went to Breakers to play pool. It felt like old times... I used to play pool with these guys every Friday and Saturday... but since all our other friends have left and Gabriel moved to New Plymouth.. we've not actually played pool together for a really long time. Good times.. I really like the photo Gabriel took of me... Hehehhe.. I thought it was really cool to see the movement of the balls. :D

Stayed home and caught up with all my daily cards.. and pretty much did the same on Sunday too! I'm now totally up to date!!! :) Will post them soon...:D So that's pretty much the summary of my weekend!

Thanks for stopping by!
My week that is... work's been so busy and Jay's final assignment is due on Thursday and has his final exam next Tuesday... lots on my plate this week... so my blog will probably be a little quiet!

Hopefully I'll be back soon! :) I'm suffering from scrapping withdrawals right now! I seriously am dying to scrap and hopefully will be able to do a little in the weekend. :D

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thank God the weekend is here!!!!

I received my first DT kit from OPAAT last Saturday.. and I've done my required layouts with the kit. But I'm sure that I'll do more.. this kit is just the coolest!!!! The moment I saw the contents.. I wanted to scrap immediately! I love how inspiring it is!

Here are my layouts using the OPAAT July Kit.

Okay.. another exciting venture on the horizon that I'm part of is this:

Meek (Monique) sent me an email asking if I'd like to be part of this..I felt really honored! :D And naturally I said yes.... Our first jack is up ... go check it out. Here's my take:

Everything on the layout is from the OPAAT July kit.

I know that I've not posted my cards in a while.. still catching up on those.. I'll dedicate a post to that when I've got everything up to date. :D

I went to KiwiScraps today and got a lot of the new Love Elsie stuff... mainly from the Toby collection and the fabric papers from all the 3 lines!! :D I can't wait to start using them!

Check back soon!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!!!

Ok.. I'm a little late posting my cards... Really bad about scanning and photographing my stuff... :)

This one is for June 3rd.

Card: 4 of Diamonds
Supplies: Versa Cube ink cubes, Reeves Acrylic Paint, Black pen

The rest will be posted soon!
I got a few layouts done!! Woohoo! I've had this layout in my head for a while now, but didn't really know what to do about the journaling. When Jody posted a journaling challenge on SIStv, I knew that it's time I put this layout on paper. So here it is (Click on image to have large view):

I got Jo's CJ done... her theme is Music. I had to create a page about a song that evoke a certain memory and also a song from Crafting Connections 2006 that reminds me of the event. Here are my entries.

I also completed my entry for Lynda's CJ!! :D Her theme is Crafting Connection memories. Sorry for the bad stitching... :)

Here's my card for June 2. I've yet to photograph June 3 & 4.. will post those tomorrow or Wednesday.

That's all for now... didn't do too much over the long weekend.. just chill and scrap. :) I like that!!!
After seeing this project by Elise.. I knew I had to start one too!

I don't usually get to scrap everyday.... no time... mojo not present... or sometimes just don't feel like tackling a whole layout.
Saying that, I still want to be able to create something everyday.. and creating a small piece of art (playing card size) is a manageable task for everyday.. that way I'll still feed the urge to create and to record some thoughts or observations for the day...I really like this idea.. and I'm going to try to do this.... I'll post my cards here everyday.. hopefully I can stick to it... :D I don't have issues with catching up.. I'm being realistic.. some days I am just sooooo tired from work that I don't feel like doing anything when I get home... but I'll still create a card for the day.. maybe like do it the next day or something. LOL!

Anyway... here's my first one for June 1st.

Card - 2 of Diamond
Paint: MM & Chromacryl, Stickers: MM, Stamp: from Ali Edwards CK KOTM

And I got tagged by Emine and Kellie... I'm supposed to list 7 random things and then tag 7 people. I've done this before... LOL! I trying to think of 7 more random things to list!

1. I like instant coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love my Starbucks frappucinno too! But I prefer instant to plunger/percolater coffees.

2. I have a pillow that I've had since I was a kid (my dad & mom made it) that I take with me everywhere... I took it with me when I moved to Kuching for college and then to New Zealand for university. I still have it! It's sooooo flat now that I don't use it to cushion my head, I just hug it when I sleep. :)

3. I love blog hopping... especially if it's someone new who comments on my blog, I have to go check out that person's blog and from there... hop on to other ones.

4. I love old music.... The Beatles, Carpentars, Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard (earlier songs) and singers/groups in that era. I grew up listening to these songs instead of songs in my own time! :)

5. I have a huge thing for chick flicks and chick lit - I can't ever get enough of them or be too old for them!

6. I like having the tv or a favorite dvd on when scrapping. I only listen to music when I'm stuck or mojo's gone missing. :)

7. If I spend as much time scrapping as I do on the net, I'd have scrapped alllllllll my pics and more by now!

Ok now to tag 7 people....


Have a great day! Back soon!!