I'm on the Catwalk at SISTV this week! :D Yippee!!!

Mel highlighted my chick lit layout on her blog today too! :)

So it's a pretty great day!! :)
I've been a slack blogger.. hehe... just been too lazy to blog last week! Another week has gone.. lots to share... so here goes.

  • I got my CJ back from Gwenda last week! I LOVE it!!! Everyone who contributed to it did amazing layouts!
  • I found out American Crafts is discontinuing some of my fave Thickers.. so I stocked up! LOL!
  • I followed myself around with a camera all day on 20-07-2007. :D
  • Caught up with my friends and shared food and drinks and lots of laughs.
  • Went out to KiwiScraps on Saturday morning and 'corrupted' 3 friends.. they've now crossed over to the world of scrapping! Oh.. I finally got a Dymo labeller! :)
  • Met Jo there.. had a great time catching up and of course didn't end up scrapping anything, apart from sticking one photo down!
  • Had a bachelor night for a friend on Saturday - nothing outrageous.. mainly just 5 of us spending time together before he goes off to get married!
  • Hosted my challenge on 2Peas for CHA in Spirit day on Sunday (Saturday in the US).
  • Did challenges at SISTV and 2Peas for CHA in Spirit. Was soooo happy I got 4 layouts done! Woohoo!!!

  • Put together the mini album for the photo swap at SIStv... halfway there.. let the embellishing begin!
  • Found out I won Caroline's Late Night challenge on 2Peas with this layout - and the prize is Love Elsie Lola! I'm in heaven!!!!
  • Today I found out that I also won Cayla's Flower Challenge at SIStv with this layout... and got HM with the same one because Laurie really liked it for the Scraplift Challenge! Soooo I did pretty good! :D
  • Been really slack with my daily cards and I need to catch up... ran out of cards too ... so need to get a new deck tomorrow.
Ok... I'm off to bed.. exhausting day today and another long one ahead.. but hope I get to scrap tomorrow... Toodles!!
Pretty laid back weekend... did a bit of scrapping.. caught up with friends and just cleaned and chill at home... :)

Started this last night and finished it up earlier this evening.. :) Layout done with SIStv Shabby Rockstar Collection (except for MM alpha stickers).

My daily cards for the past few days and also today's. :)

I finally got watercolor pencils today.. after reading Kal Barteski's blog, I was dying to try using them... did my daily card today with them.. I forgot how fun they (the watercolor pencils) are! :D I'm really looking forward to playing more... :)

Woohoo! Monday's over! Bring on Tuesday!!!!

Have a great week ahead! Thanks for stopping by!
It's Saturday and it's been a fine fine day... the weather was just beautiful! I woke up feeling deliriously happy when I saw the sunshine! The week has been awfully grey and wet and cold... and I'm just so glad that the sun finally showed its face.

I stayed up last night watching dvds, surfing the gallery at SIStv and started a layout which I finished the journaling this morning. I finally got enough guts to scrap this photo that Cathy Zielske signed for me when I attended one of her lectures last year at Crafting Connections.

Kiwi Jack Me Up #2 is also up today! This is my take on Roo's layout...Check out the Kiwi Jack Me Up blog (in my sidebar) to see the other jacker's takes. Initially I didn't know how I feel about this layout.. but it grew on me and I really love it now! It's quite different from my usual style.. playing with lots of paint and stamping the background.. but I must say I'm pretty happy with the end result!

Went out for lunch with Jay and Jin at the Wellington Market.. yummy! Despite the sunshine, it was pretty cold outside... came home and just mooched around most of the afternoon....

Then I went out with Chih and Lisa for dinner... it's been a long time since we caught up with each other and it was great to see them both again! We went to Sweet Mother's Kitchen and I had my first taste of jambalaya... I must say I quite like it.. the portion was huge.. so I took half home.. and of course we had to have dessert.. so we share a slice of key lime pie.. that was goooooood!!! :D An evening of good food, good friends, laughter... what more can I ask for?

When I came home.. I had the best of intentions to scrap.. but somehow I just didn't really get around to it.. I was just surfing the gallery and boards at SIStv and watching 6th Day and Two Can Play The Game on tv.. and that was my night!

Hope that Sunday will be a little bit more productive.. oh.. and I'll post my daily cards too! Need to photograph them...Till then! Toodles!
The weather's positively miserable! UGH!!! I just wish it'd stop raining!!!!

Anyway.. Thursdays are good.. one more working day and then it's the weekend! I always feel happy comes Thursday night! :D

I went out to Borders with Jay and Jin after work tonight. Ditha came later and met up with us too. It was great catching up with her. And because I had a 25% off voucher.. I succumbed to getting Eat Pray Love. After all hearing so many people rave about it, I just had to get it and read it myself! I can't wait to start!!!

I finished my last CJ entry for the Glam Girls CJ group. Here's my entry to Kate's CJ... her theme is Favorite Memories of CC06 - I went pretty much with the general look of the album... lots of journaling and pretty simple design-wise. Kate requested the colors be black, pink and silver.. so here's my layout.

I'm just too tired to do my daily card today... so I just have to catch up tomorrow. I need to go to bed early tonight.. too many nights of staying up. So till then... toodles! Happy Thursday!
WOW! This morning didn't start out too good.. I woke up late.. rushed through my shower and got to work 5 minutes late! Thank God I live in town!!! To make things worse.. it was raining and freezing! Ugh.. so wish I could stay in bed!!

Got to work and logged on to the comp and of course checked out SIStv... got loads of comments on my layout and daily cards which I uploaded to the gallery last night. That made me so happy!

And then I checked out the message board as usual and went back to one of the threads I started and a SISter commented 'mizzm,congrats on the catwalk for this week!'. I was like.. huh? What? What catwalk?

I checked the catwalk before seeing that comment thinking that the new one isn't up yet as I thought I recognised a few layouts from last week... but I didn't scroll to the bottom of the page. Went back to look properly and saw the Michelle Ramirez picked this layout for the Catwalk this week!! Eeeeeekkkk!!! I just uploaded this late last night and just going to post here!!! OMG She totally made my otherwise cold and miserable day!! Heck.. she made my week!!! :)

Everything on the layout from SIStv Collection - Shabby Rock Star

The other cool thing is.... Vee tagged me!

:D How cool is that??!!
I'm tagging
Shirley Chai

LOVE reading these blogs.. and lots more but my brain's fried right now!

Here are my daily cards for yesterday and today... :)

Thanks for stopping by.. hope you'll leave me a comment so I can go visit your blog too!:) Happy Hump Day!!!

Wow! It feels like ages ago since I've blogged! Thanks for stopping by still even when I didn't have anything new to say! :D My back is good as new.. went to see a Chinese guy who did accupressure massage, and he's good! No more pain in my back!

Been quite busy too.... work and scrapping wise..lots to share here.. so hope you guys don't mind a loooooonnnnnggggg post... it'll be mostly pictures, I promise! Heehee...

I made a travel journal for a friend's daughter who's going to Australia for 8 days. :)

Did my entry for Nikki's CJ... her theme is a powerful word or a word that mean something to you. Here is my take on it....

I've been a bit slack about posting my daily cards... the part of scrapping that's most tedious is trying to get good scans or photos of layouts and stuff.. it's too hard to get anything decent after 4pm here (it's winter and gets dark really early).. and sometimes my scanner distorts the colors too much! So here are my cards for the past 2 weeks.

Ok although it says Sunday on my post.. I'm actually posting this on Monday! LOL! So I've also posted my card for Monday. :D
I got my July Collection from SIStv today... Shabby Rock Star.. check it out! WOOHOO!!! I LOVE it! Since I forgot to post pics of the June Collection - Window Shopping.. here it is too!

Window Shopping Collection

Shabby Rockstar Collection

Anyway.. thanks for stopping by and if you've made it till the very end of this post.... You're a star! :D
I just saw that my blog has reached the 5000 visitors mark!

Well, technically I'm here and have things to share.. but I've hurt my back yesterday and find it really hard to sit too long at the computer at home.... (unfortunately i still have to at work!).

I'm going to see the physiotherapist later today.. have an appointment made... hope that I'll be good as new soon!

Will try to update when my back feels better.