I went to my first crop ever at Kiwiscraps tonight!!! It was a wonderful night!!

Got to catch up with Jo, Gina and Donna....and not too much done scrapping wise! But it's ok... :D I've not seen these ladies in almost 6 months... and despite living in the same city.. we just don't get the chance to catch up as often due to our own personal commitments... Hopefully we'll get to catch up in a couple of months time.. LOL!

Here are some photos from tonight...



Gina, Me, Donna & Jo

Of course a little bit of browsing and shopping is a must....

Now I'm off to scrap some and then off to bed.. I have an appointment with the hairdressers tomorrow....
I love Thursdays... for one.. it's payday.. and it's another day closer to the weekend!

Today it's extra special... when I came back from lunch.. I saw an envelope on my keyboard and I recognised my boss, Sarina's handwriting on it. I opened it and read the card and then realised she slipped $50 in it. What was the card for?? In her words... "a wee something" to celebrate my HM in the OPAAT contest! How COOL is that??!!!

I was overwhelmed by the support and love and kindness I get from my bosses, Russell and Sarina.. they're both pretty much the best bosses I've ever had.. they really are.. in sooooo many ways. We have a really good relationship too.. more than just boss and employee... I can talk about so many things to them.. and I really treasure this relationship.

Caught up with a friend whom I've not seen for a while.. that was really good.. and came home to Grey's Anatomy... that's always good! :D

Ok... that's all I have to say today.. Have a great day!
I usually dislike Tuesdays because it's still so far away from the end of the week... stupid reason I know.. but that's just the way I feel.. but today it's been a really good Tuesday! :D

The results of the OPAAT Lucky contest came out today.. I didn't feel too confident about my entry after I saw all the amazing layouts that entered. But all the same I was really anxious and curious to find out who won. Capella finally posted the results around midday (NZ time) and I was shocked to see that she didn't just pick one overall winner but also had 3 Honorable Mentions.. and my name was top of the HM list!!!! I was really shocked and this really made my day! :)

Just a really good boost of confidence for me.. I doubt my own work sometimes.. but this gives me a bit more faith in myself.

Ok... enough with this egoistic post.. LOL!! :)

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday... Thanks for stopping by...

Off to see if I can finish a layout tonight and Ugly Betty is starting in 15 minutes.. :D
How long have you been scrapping? Just over a year

What one word describes your scrapping style? Colorful

How many times have you been published? Twice in an ezine... hope to get published on paper soon! :)

Would you rather do layouts or make cards? Layouts.. somehow cards take me almost half the time I need with layouts!

Do you paper craft? Ummm... apart from scrapping? I guess not really..

Have you tried or converted to digital scrapping yet? I've tried.. and do digis occassionally, but I will never fully convert.. I've always had a love affair with paper.

What’s your least favorite layout ever? Probably my earlier works.. when I was still learning and discovering my own style

What’s your most favorite layout ever? I've got more than one.. Tired of Waiting, Turning 27, This Girl

Do you consider yourself a poor, fair or great journaler? Fair I guess.. but I wish I have the flair with journaling like a lot of other scrappers

Do you follow the trends or scrap for yourself? I scrap mainly for myself.. but I do try out some of the trends that do suit me...

What’s the worst scrapbook product you ever purchased? Probably an alpha cut out template thing...

What’s your favorite scrapbooking tool? I love my Crop-A-Dile so far...

Do you scrap better alone or with others? Alone... when I scrap with others I think I tend to socialise more than scrap! LOL! Saying that.. I'm going to a crop this Friday.. my first one ever!

Are you on any design teams? Currently I'm on Dragonflaire design team

If the “industry” came to a halt today, would you continue scrapping exactly as you do today? I would think so.. I scrap as a creative outlet and to preserve memories for myself when I get too old to remember.

What’s on your scrapbook desk this very moment? I don't have a scrapbook desk.. I scrap on my bed.. and my desk actually holds all my supplies...

What’s your favorite thing about scrapping? The sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when I finish a layout that really reflects me... and of course the praise too! LOL!
*sob* daylight savings is over! I have to wait for another 6+ months before daylight savings starts again! Who cares about an extra hour of sleep! I prefer having daylight for a few extra hours after work!

Did a bit of scrapping in the weekend...

Supplies: PP - American Crafts, Chipboard Alpha - Lil Davis, CS - Double Mates

In January 2007 I made a visit home to my hometown of Miri (in Malaysia). When I was there I got the chance to visit the playground and the beach where I used to play every evening when I was a kid. The playground didn't change too much except for the playsets. The one I used to play on is now abandoned for the new one that replaces it. Being there brought back fond memories of the carefree days of childhood.

This one is for the How Do You Count Yourself Lucky contest at


I have a family who loves me no matter what, supports whatever I do and feels proud of my achievements - big or small.

I rediscovered scrapping which has become a huge part of me and when I get old, I'll be able to look back and remember a lot of things.

I have a great boyfriend -sweet & caring. Someone I can share all the good and bad with...and all the silly moments in between.

I have friends who I can trust and depend on...who accepts me for who I am.

Supplies: CS- Bazzil, Alpha stickers - KI Memories, Ric Rac - unknown, Coasters - Imagination Project

This one I actually did for Scraplift challenge on ScrapStreet 2 weeks ago and I forgot to post it. :)

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week ahead!
Happy birthday to my darling boyfriend Jay... :) A few snapshots of his day...

Reading my birthday wishes for him...

Opening up his present

Chocolate gateau that I manage to sneak to his boss during the day for him to hide at Jay's work.

Peeps at his surprise (sort of) celebration...

With the other birthday person... :)

Aftermath of a cake fight...

All in all a fun night...
A mini album I made with Urban Cuts by Urban Lily. Gave this to Jay on our 2 year anniv... :D

Used a lot of older UL here too.... Sorry for the blurry pics...

Thanks for stopping by! Will update more later on....
I have new goodies to play with! Hopefully these babies will inspire me since mojo has done a disappearing act lately....

The yummylicious Urban Lily

The elusive Rouge de Garance - soooo happy that I can finally get them here in NZ.

Now.. for the first time ever, I've actually got Basic Grey! *gasp* Some of you may know that I just personally find it hard to scrap with BG because I just don't know how to do the whole shabby/shabby chic look.... but this time... I've fallen in love with Scarlet's Letter... and hopefully I'll be able to scrap with them!

Now... on the scrappy news front.. not too much... altered a CD for Trish as a thank you... Trish.. will send this out to you tomorrow. Promise! :D

The front:

The Back:

Right.. I'll save other stuffs for the next update.... stay tuned!!!
Today.. it has been exactly 2 years since Jay and I started dating... :D Time has just flown sooooo quickly... in these two years we've both learnt a lot about each other... we both got to be there for each other in the good and the not so good times... we went on several road trips together... and a few months ago we even we travelling together in Bali, and Jay went home with me to Malaysia too.

We spent the day chillin' and just hanging out and went out to Lone Star for an early dinner. The place was quite packed eventhough we were there just not long after 6pm!

Great food as always. After dinner, we decided to go elsewhere for dessert and we drove around to the new French cafe that sells wonderful little cakes and to our dismay, the place was closed!

So we we ended up going to the waterfront at Oriental Bay and we had gelato... YUMMY!!! :D It was a really nice end to our dinner date..... I had brought my camera and was planning to take photos of the waterfront, but it got a bit too cold and both of us didn't bring a jacket.... so we made a run for the car and left.

All in all a great day!! :D