Layout done with Katie's Dream and Beach Side kit available from Dragon Flaire soon.

Layout done with Beach Side kit available from Dragon Flaire soon.

That's all for today... gonna work on 2 more. Check back tomorrow for more photos. :)

Good night!

7.20am - do I have to get up? I think I'll snooze for 10 more minutes

7.40am - okay... lets get the coffee before anything else

8.07am - right... what shall I wear to work today? Is it gonna be cold today? (peek outside the window)

8.11am - I better sketch that idea down before I lose it all! (sketching furiously and checking the time)

8.20am - better get going, I'll be late.

8.21am - (while walking down to work) Dear Lord, thank you for another new day. Please bless my family and friends and help Jay in his exam today. Help me to get through the mountain of work on my desk too and help me not to be tempted to Pea or read blogs. Amen. Hmmm.. what meetings has Russell got today? Will Sarina be coming in to work today? I must email the travel agent to confirm travel bookings. I have to post Linda's CJ entry at lunch time. Oh... don't forget to do the banking too... Have to go grocery shopping tonight... and then do another load of laundry when I get home.

8.27am - (Squinting) Isn't that Santy? Yeah.. it is... "Hey Santy..bla bla..I better go now.. I'll be late for work. Catch up with you another time ok."

8.37 am - Ok...either Russell or Nick's already here. (arrive at work) Russell's here.. oops... he must be thinking that I slept in this morning!

10.00am - I'm hungry.. what should I have for lunch today? Feel like having Singapore Fried noodles from Longxiang round the corner. I need food right now... :( I guess I'll just have a cup of tea.

10.53am - Oh great! More work piling up around me!!

1.00pm - Off I go to do the banking and post off one of my CJ entries. Phew.. that's one down on my scrapping list.

1.26pm - YUM! I'm finally having lunch. Today it's Singapore Fried Noodles from the Chinese restaurant around the corner. Adding more to this post as I eat at my desk. By the end of the day, I'll have a good list of what passed through my head and what I did today. I can see this post becoming a layout.. hmmm...

4.24pm - Russell go home so I can go too!! Grrrrr... when is this day gonna end?!

4.33pm - I need to go to the supermarket after work. I need to get toothpaste, bread, some fruit and vege, hmmm... what else did I need?

4.42pm - Oh goodie.... only 18 minutes to go!! And I can go home and scrap!! Hope my mojo comes back tonight!!

4.53pm - Alright! By the time I clear my desk and shut down my computer... it'll be time to go!! WOOHOO!!!

4.56pm - I guess I can post this blog now and just add to it later on at home.

5.18pm - Grocery shopping and then went home. Had a shower and had dinner.

7.30pm - Pulled out my MM paints and painted the cover of my CJ, surfed 2Peas gallery and watched TV.

9.45pm - Created new layout with Katie's Dream kit from Dragon Flaire.

11.15pm - Posted layouts on 2Peas and Creative Express and trying to post on blog. Updated CT forum with links to layouts on the different websites.

The worst thing that can happen to a scrapper is happening to me right now.

I lost my MOJO!! This is soooooo not good! The worst timing of all! I've managed to scrap one page tonight... and I am in dire need to get more scrapping done but my mojo has gone MIA.. nothing is inspiring me right now.. I've gone through the gallery at 2Peas (on dialup it's really slow and frustrating) and have seen so many wonderful layouts..but nothing is helping!

Bits and pieces of ideas are floating around in my head.. but nothing seem to be coming together in one coherant idea for a layout...

This is unbelievably frustrating and annoying! I've got deadlines to meet and I am so scared I can't meet them.

I think I'll turn in early tonight. There's no point trying to force myself to scrap when no creative juices is flowing.

Ok... vent over.. good night all.


Wow.. I didn't realise it has been about a week since I last updated my blog!

A few interesting and fun things happened.

First of all, I now can't post my first CT project here and had to pull it from the galleries that I posted on. Maggie asked Vicki Stegall (owner of OScraps) if she'd like to feature my project on the OScraps newsletter and blog. And Vicki came back to say yes.. so my project will be in their newsletter in November and on their blog at some point! Woohoo! :) Although this is not quite getting published.. the news still totally made my day.. heck my whole week! :D

On Friday night I had dinner with the girls and then just went home and scrapped till 3am! LOL! And the craziest part is that I got up again at 7.30am on Saturday morning to finish my layout because I had to have it in by 6pm 22 September (Scrap Street time) for the Scrappy 500 challenge! I was quite tired after I finished and took an afternoon nap too! LOL! But well worth it! I love how there's another layout to add to my album.

Saturday night I had dinner with Laura and Chiqa again and then Harridz came to meet up with us and we went to Expressoholic for coffee. Met a whole bunch of our friends there and it became one big laughing/chatting/teasing session! It was great fun. Went home after that and went straight to bed! I was totally lacking sleep!!

Sunday I slept in till about 11.30am. Took a shower and then went to the work PO box to check if my Crop-A-Dile has arrived from Kiwiscraps and it had!! Was totally doing the happy dance! Went down to Lambton Quay to get photo paper at Whitcoulls but they didn't have the one I needed. Then I gave Laura a call and met up with her, Harridz and Adri at the Wakefield Market where we had lunch. After lunch we drove up to Boyd Wilson field at the university and watch the Indonesian guys play soccer against some of the Kiwi guys. It was really cloudy and foggy that day.. and the wind was soooo cold!!! It was fun though. Must remember to get the photos off Priza. After the game, I went to evening mass with Adri, Priza and Ditha and then went home. Just chilled at home surfing the Net and watching Bringing Down the House on tv.

This week has started out great!!

Yesterday I found out that I'm still in the Scrappy 500 race over at Scrap Street. Phew! I thought I'd be cut out after Lap One.. but turns out I'm still in the running for the prize. Gotta start thinking of how I'm gonna do my Lap Two layout. Unfortunately, the rules of the competition is that I can't post my layout here until the competition is over or until I get kicked out of the race (hopefully that doesn't happen!).

I finally received the Stampendous stamps that I've been waiting for so long and it was a mission to locate a website that sells it!!

Yesterday I got a really cool RAK from Jay's friend who left to go back to Korea. He gave me his dryer! Woohoo! Now I don't have to pay $4 everytime I need to do laundry. I just need to pay $2 for washing and I can dry them in my own apartment! And good thing is that the dryer fits under my kitchen bench (my bathroom hasn't got a power point).. and of course I don't pay for power! :D I love it!!!

This morning I received a RAK from Debs in the post.. THANK YOU Debs! You totally spoiled me! She sent me soooooo much stuff! Chipboard album, buttons (she knows I'm crazy 'bout them), sequins, an alterable clipboard, ink pads, black cardstock a 12x12 pack of really cool vellum and stickers... and OMG I'm just so overwhelmed by her generosity!! Thank you so much girl!!! You ROCK!

Hmmm.. what else.. I've got a whole bunch of scrapping to do this week.
  • 4 layouts for Dragon Flaire - I've just finished one!!
  • My Glam Girl CJ to be done and sent out to Kate.
  • Global Peas CJ - layouts for Michelle S and Tammy.

I'll be one busy girlie!! Gosh!

Oh well.. that's all for now.. hopefully I'll have some time to update tomorrow (if there's anything interesting for me to post) :D Back to work... *sigh* Wish I'm at home scrapping!

Happy Tuesday! Hope y'all have a great week ahead.



Wow... Wednesday is almost over... in about 27 minutes! The week has been flown by real fast!

I've just finished writing my bio and sent it to Fran together with a photo of myself for Dragon Flaire which will be launched soon.

Today I received Gwenda's CJ in the mail.. it's really cool and I can't wait to work on it.

I've ordered the last Crop-A-Dile available from Kiwiscraps (hopefully I am the one that managed to snag it). Can't wait to have a play with it!! :) Wendy and Debs convinced me of how useful a tool it is.. specially for making mini chipboard albums! I've been making a mental list of Christmas presents already.. and see myself using this tool a lot over the next few months.. so I hope (think it will be) it's a justifiable purchase.

Last night a bunch of us went to the movies. The group ended up being split into 3! Laura and Ardya went to see Garfield 2, Chiqa and Gana saw Little Man, Ditha, Harridz and I went to watch Dead or Alive... I enjoyed the action scenes. The story line is nothing special...but it was lots of fun.. haven't been to the movies for a while.

Tomorrow I'll be posting pics of my first completed DT project. It was fun to do... so stay tuned.

Till then.. that's all for today... Goodnight!!


Wow! It's Tuesday again already?! The days are going soooo fast! Soon summer will be here. YAY!

I had a great Sunday! Went for a BBQ at the Indonesian embassy. Sort of a thank you and a closure of the recent Indonesian Cultural event. The weather was gorgeous!!!

After the BBQ a huge group of us went down to Oriental Bay for gelato from Cafe Eis.... yum yum... it was a truly beautiful day... sunny and bright... but of course being Wellington.. the wind was there too! LOL!

Eventually some of us left and adjourned to Expressoholic with chips, wedges and lots of laughs and ghost stories! OMG! I was quite scared when I went home! LOL! I've always been chicken when it comes to ghost/horror stories... I think it's because my imagination runs wild and I start imagining things that are not even there in the first place.

Mondays just come to soon! Yesterday my day pretty much passed by in a blur... just really busy at work... payments to chase up, invoices to issue, cheques to write, reports to complete... gosh! I was totally knackered when I got home. Managed to scrap a little but still yet to finish.

Today I'll be meeting up with Gana and Chiqa for lunch.. it'll be nice. For a change I won't be eating at my desk at work. It's hard when you only get 30 minutes for lunch. And after work, Ditha will be coming to my office to exchange photos. :D I'll post more if they're decent ones... and possibly off to watch Garfield tonight. Not quite sure yet. We'll see.

Yesterday I found out that a good friend's father is suffering from cancer and this friend will probably go home for a few weeks.... All I can do is say a prayer for him and his family.

Alrighty... back to work for now... and trying to sort out travel details for the Christmas holidays.



I am so disappointed for not making my dream DT - Creative Express. Congrats to all the ladies who made the DT.

Oh well... I'll just keep trying.... :D

Am joining the Scrappy 500 at Scrap Street. Looks like a lot of fun.

I'm off to do a bit of scrapping. Just staying in tonight, my usual group of girl friends are all pretty tired and don't want to come into town, so I guess it's a good thing to just stay home and catch up with my scrapping projects. After all, I am quite behind on a lot of my things to do.

Tomorrow there's a bbq at the Indonesian Embassy - a thank you for the performers and crew who put the show together. Hopefully the weather's good so that I can get some good photos.

Enjoy your weekend all!

After show:

With Jay outside the Opera House - Poster next to me was for the Cultural Evening.

Backstage after the show:

Adri, Edwin, Ditha & I

Lala & I

Me & Edwin

Right.. that's all I've got for the moment. Will be getting more photos from other cameras and maybe I'll post again later on.
Okay okay.. I have been so slack in updating my blog this week. These are photos of the Indonesian Cultural Evening last Friday.. I know it's a week late.. (told you I was slack)... but I was waiting for some of the photos from my boss. The photos of me dancing were all taken by my boss, quality not that great as flash photography wasn't allowed. But it's better than not having any photos at all.

Photos from back stage before the show:

Braiding Edwin's hair

Being the crazy girls that we are... Chiqa and I before our opening dance.

Our favorite photo:

Opening Dance - unfortunately a little out of focus and I don't have many photos. These photos are courtesy of my boss.

Chiqa and Gana in costume for their dance.

Backstage in costume and on stage for our Goyang Gemulai danc

Chiqa, me n Gana before he goes on stage singing with the band. Chiqa and I finished performances for the night and have changed into normal clothes. :)

Okay... more photos to come in the next post.....
:D For those of you who have been reading my blog... and whom I've kept in suspense for over a week... I can finally tell!! :) YAY!!!

Any guesses???? Anyone??? LOL!!!
Here's my Secret....

I am sooooo excited! I couldn't believe it when I heard from Maggie!!! I've made my first DT!!!! Boy was it hard to keep all the excitement to myself!! Maggie mentioned that I can toot and post on my blog, but the selection process wasn't over yet, so I decided to wait. :D

Maggie Lamarre's designs are digital but I'll be using them for paper layouts and altered items. She wanted me to do that as opposed to digi layouts because all the others on the team are digi scrappers.

I'm working on a project at the moment using a collaborative kit from Here
Maggie designed some of the elements in this kit together with a few other designers. I LOVE the kit!!! Having lots of fun with it... will post my project when I finish it. Dragon Flaire will be up soon. When it is, I'll post a link here. I can't wait to work with Maggie and the rest of the Dragon Flaire / MLamarre team!!

About the Indonesian Cultural evening.. yes... it went well.. had a little 'accident' where I dropped my flag... but apart from that, all went well! :D

I'll be posting about it tomorrow (if I can get the photos from my boss)..... Neither mine nor Jay's camera can take clear photos, so I asked my boss (yeah, they came with their daughter) to take pictures for me. :D

So.. check back in tomorrow.. and hopefully I have lots to write about and photos to go with them.

Alright... that's all for tonight... I'm off to work on my DT project....

Nite nite all!!


Okay... one more sleep till I perform! Can't believe THE day is finally here!! OMG! After the month or so of daily (almost) practices and rehearsals... tomorrow I'll be performing at the Indonesian Cultural evening!!

It's bittersweet really... after this is all over.. I won't get to hang out much with quite a few of the people who I'm performing with. Simply because they're not the usual group of people I get together with and also a lot of them are under 18 and can't go out in the weekends...
The good side of it is that I'll get my evenings back to scrap. I'm experiencing scrapping withdrawals already! LOL!

It's great that I get to sleep in a little tomorrow. I don't have to be at the venue, The Opera House till 12.30pm.. so I can get up at 9 or 10.. have a nice shower and get my gear together and then make my way into town. It's handy to live sooooo close to the city.
I've given my bosses and their daughter tickets to come and watch.. so it'll be nice.. and I've asked them to take photos for me when I dance... since I can't do it myself.. and all my close friends will be dancing with me too. Jay will be working but I think he'll be trying to come and watch.

I've got a long day ahead tomorrow. We'll be having dress rehearsals from 12.30pm.. good thing I'm only performing in 2 dances this year. So between rehearsals, I'll be braiding my dance partner's hair (he's got below chin length hair) into corn rows... so I'll be busy.. and then to get dressed and made up and ready by 6pm. At 6pm we'll be attending the first part of the show - specifically for dignitaries and a few MPs. And
around 7.30 we'll all be heading backstage to get ready. The show for the public starts at 8pm.. and I'm in the opening dance.. then I'll need to help my girlfriend, Jessica to get dressed into her next costume for her dance within 6 minutes.. and after that I'll have to get ready for my next dance. So it'll be quite full on... but I won't have it any other way. I love the energy backstage... that's why I do this every year.

Ok.. enough about the Cultural evening.. on to scrappy stuff. :)
Yesterday I found out I won a RAK from Debbie that she posted on her blog... Thank you Debs!!!

Today I received my prize for winning the CC2006 Swap Pin competition from Kiwiscraps!! YAY!! I'm gonna go shopping soon!!! :D

Okay.. since Shirley said that I'm a tease for posting those sneak peaks.. I'll post one of the layouts for you... Stay tuned for the other ones later on. Bwahahahahha.... Have to keep you guys in suspense.... :D

So.. here it is... feel free to comment and tell me what you think.

Ok... that's all for now folks... have to get on with a project I'm working on. Check back for more updates on my *secret* and another unveiling of my layout... and of course about the Cultural Evening.



I've had a good weekend... a little different than what I'd plan... but life is all about living in the moment... to go with what comes up sometimes.. as opposed to just do what's planned. I had planned to scrap most this weekend but I got invited to Ditha's birthday last night... and she asked me to go shopping with her in the day too... so I didn't get much scrapping done yesterday apart from getting my pictures cropped and my papers picked! :D We had fun shopping and just spend time being silly together.. and I had a great time at the birthday party.. well it's more like a get together for a bunch of us... quite a few friends that I don't see regularly were there, so it was good catching up and of course photos!! :)

As much as I planned this to be a scrappy weekend... it didn't turn out to be as scrappy as I wanted it to be.. but still got a bit done. I've got one layout still yet to be photographed... just finished it, but I can't take a photo of it as the lights are really bad in my place. Will do so tomorrow and post them. For now.. I'm just giving you snipets of the layouts I've been working on. I'll post the full pics later on when I have taken the picture of the one I just finished. :D

That's all for now folks!! Check back in tomorrow and I hope that I'll have time to post after dance rehearsal... Have a great week ahead!!