Nothing too exciting to report, but I did get to scrap a layout 2 days ago and also managed to take photos of a mini album I made for a friend! :D

This photo is my dear friend Shirley aka Slammie's little girl, Hayley... I asked her about 2 months ago for photos of Hayley to scrap. I was getting bored scrapping about myself.. LOL! Just managed to scrap one of the pics 2 days ago. So this is it. :D Isn't she cute?!

This is the mini album I made for a friend for his birthday. I used the Maya Road round chipboard album and all
paper and embellishments are KI Memories.

That's all for now.. will update again soon... I can't believe that I hardly blooged this month... June is already upon us all! I'm starting a new project in the month of June... will share soon!!

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I got into the OPAAT Design Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still in shock about

It all seems sooooooo surreal. I had been out all day yesterday at a food show with my friends and when I came home, I checked my email... just curious and hoping to see if there was news on the OPAAT DT call yet.. and I saw Capella's name in my inbox. My heart just started racing while I opened the email... and after just reading the first line:

Hi Michelle!

This letter comes to you with good news...

All I could do was scream and laugh and almost cried and just kept saying OMG OMG OMG to my bf, Jay. And then, when I calmed down enough, I went back and read the whole email.

This is just a total dream come true! I've been in love with OPAAT's kits since I applied for the DT position last year (got Honorable Mention) and have been back to the website at least once a week...and of course always checking out the kits. All the stuff that Capella put together are just so cool, colorful and very much my style! :D And the community at OPAAT is really nice and supportive too!

I stayed up all night on Friday to finish up my mini album... and I woke up later than I had planned to yesterday.. hurriedly took photos and resized and attached them all to my email. I think I made the DT call just by the skin of my nose! I'm still not too good with time difference (don't think that'll ever change! LOL!) and I was just hoping and praying that I made it just in time by midnight of 25th May (in the US).

Here's my mini album:

Adri, Laura, Lies and I went to the Wellington Foodshow at Westpac Stadium... it's my first time. Those three went last year... it was pretty fun just to go for the experience... I love the fact that there were a lot of manufacturers presenting their products old and new...and got to try a lot of things that I would not even consider buying at the supermarket because I just don't know if they're good or not... Overall the foodshow wasn't anything spectacular but for $18 worth, I think it's pretty good.. a lot of different food and wine and beverages and chocolates and ice cream manufacturers there.. and free goodies are always a plus! :D Personally I wanted to go just for the experience and because I've never been in the stadium before! :D

Today Jay and I went to the Wakefield market for lunch...yummy char siu (BBQ pork
) rice and stirfried vermicelli and ice lemon tea - my favorite! Went home and pack up a few things for the Jar Swap Trish is hosting at Scrappers Bliss.

At just after 6pm we went to Readings Cinema with the intention to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3... put the queue was just to crazy and we flagged it. So we drove to Borders thinking it was closing at 8.30pm only to find that it was closing just 5 minutes after we got there! So we both went to Intercontinental Hotel for a coffee and then went to have sushi at Sushi Catch. :) It was a fun impromptu date...

And now here I am updating and finally able to post about my happy news! :D
All in all an awesome weekend! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead! It's Monday again tomorrow.. back to work...
Phew... I've been missing and been busy with life... catching up with friends... being exhausted from work... and yadda yadda...

I don't even know where to start posting! Maybe I should just forget about getting everyone up to speed... Hmmm... ok.. I'll do it in point form.

Let's see:

  • SIStv has launched!! This site is soooooooooooooooooooo addictive! It's a really great place and the way the site is designed... it's just so fast to load even on dialup! The girls there are just so inspiring and supportive... no cattiness or anything like that.. really fun topic... the owner, Bis Sis aka JJ aka Jeanette Herdman is very involved on the boards and goes all out to make the place so totally amazing!
  • Last Friday - went to Indonesian Embassy for a farewell and also caught up with a lot of people.. (haven't been there for a long time!) After that, went for coffee at Expressoholic.. Laura, Edwin, Priza and I stayed chatting till 2.30am.
  • Edwin and Uki graduated with their bachelor degrees last week.

  • Saturday played in the Color Swap (White Elephant style) organised by Trish on Scrappers Bliss. Got my package stolen and stole someone else's.. :D In the end... totally happy with mine. Here's the one I ended up with - It's called limeade.

  • Made dinner reservations for 20 people only to find that the restaurant screwed it up completely and did not have the decency to call me (They have my mobile number) to explain so that I could make alternative plans! Arrrrrgh! Anyway.. ended up going somewhere else... food equally good.... :D

  • Played pool at Breakers after dinner and went home. Stayed up online catching up with friends in the States.
  • Did a digi layout for a challenge on SIStv.
  • Went for yumcha with Jay on Sunday and caught up on sleep and watched Pirates Of The Caribbean on tv.
Totally crazy week at work... and that's it for now...

Will update again soon!
To my loyal blog visitors (not sure how many there are out there - if any! LOL)... I'm still alive... just totally swamped with a lot of things at the moment but I promise I'll try to update my blog soon!

I've got pics to post.. just need to resize them to post here! :D

Come back soon! :D
WOW! I can't believe that the weekend is gone again! It's Monday and I'm already at work... *sigh* I had a really good weekend... did a bit of everything... scrap, meet up with friends, go out, read, went to the movies..so fulfilling! :D

Friday night is America's Next Top Model night.... :D Love that show! And of course I scrapped.. more about it later in this post.

Saturday I spent the most of the day scrapping... made a mini album for my friend, but I've not taken pics yet.. will do that tonight.. so stay tuned!

Adri invited us girls to dinner on Saturday. It was his b-day on Friday... we went to Stellar and had gourmet pizzas... not too bad... After dinner we met up with Lucy's bf, Tim. And all of us decided to go to
Strawberry Fare for dessert. I'm not usually a dessert person, so it's a nice little experience. The desserts at Strawberry Fare are very well-known and it's always packed there. Most of us didn't finish our desserts.. they were soooooo rich and really yummy!

The last time I was there, I was bouncing off the walls after having a chocolate overload! LOL!
All of us had different desserts and we tried each other's. They were all really yummy. So.. here are a few pics from the night...

Birthday Boy

Adri & The Girls (Mich,Lies,Laura & Lucy) at Stellar

The tiramisu (initially I wanted this, but Lies got this) was pretty good, but nothing spectacular. I loved that it was really light and fluffy though.

The warm raspberry drenched chocolate cake (Tim had this and liked it) was pretty good too - The tartness of the raspberry was great to offset sweetness the chocolate, but still found it too sweet for me! LOL!

The Sticky Date Pudding (Lucy had this one) was a bit too sweet for me but I did like the butterscotch sauce.:D

The Devil's Dream Cake (Adri had this) was to die for!! Really fluffy yummy layers of dark and white chocolate laced with raspberries...

Laura had the Triple Chocolate Brownie - let's just say they didn't call it triple chocolate for nothing! OMG it's just sooooo rich! I was pretty happy to just taste it.. don't think I could have even half of the brownie!

As for me, I ordered the Lemon Chocolate Cheesecake... it was pretty good, but I just couldn't finish it at all! Like I said, I'm not a huge dessert person.. and I'd take ice cream anyday over cake! LOL!

The girls outside Strawberry Fare - Lucy, Lies, Laura & me

Adri & Tim

Ok... on to scrappy stuff.. I managed to do a canvas and a mini album over the weekend. I've not taken pics of the mini album yet.. so check back for that later on. Here's the canvas.

Jay and I went to see Spiderman 3 last night. We loved it!! I really enjoyed the action and the effects were great. We saw trailers for a few movies that we'd definitely want to catch in the next few months - Shrek the Third, Pirates of The Caribbean : At Worlds End, Oceans 13 and Fantastic 4 - The Rise of the Silver Surfer. I sooooo can't wait! :D

Well.. I guess that's all for now... will be back with more! Happy Monday!
Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mom! I Love You!!!

Nothing exciting to post about today.. just had a really long and busy day at work.. but I feel really satisfied to get so much done.

After work I went to Borders and met up with a couple of girlfriends, Chih and Ditha.. we had a bit of a read and coffee together. It was good fun.. to just chill. .. check out some design books for inspiration and just hang out with friends.

Of course Grey's is on tonight! That was great!! As always.. the highlight of my Thursdays! Am I pathetic?! LOL!

Oh.. good mail day... bought some fabric on EBay.. they arrived today! So excited to use them soon! :D

Anyway.. going to try and scrap a little before I go to bed.. leaving you with a meme that Sophia posted on 2Peas.

Two Names I Go by: Michie & Mich

Two Things I am Wearing Right Now: Pajama bottoms and tank top

Two Things I Want (or have) in a Relationship: Trust and Openess

Two of My Favorite Things to do: Scrap and Read

Things I Want Very Badly At The Moment: My scrapping mojo and a holiday!

Two pets I have: I don't have any pets.

Two things I did last night: Sleep and watch tv.

Two things I ate today: Singaporean Fried Noodles and Korean Dumplings

Two people I just talked to last: Chih Leng & Ditha

Two Things I'm doing tomorrow: Work and scrap (It's Friday!!)

Two longest car rides: Drive up from Wellington to Auckland, school trip from Miri to Kuching

Two Favorite Holidays: Christmas and Chinese New Year

Two favorite beverages: Coffee and Ice Lemon Tea

Have a great day!
Okay.. so I haven't been posting my photos of the day for the past few days... so here's the catch up.

Thursday - This is Chardonnay, my bosses' dog. She comes to work with them most days and she's the firs
t dog I'm not actually afraid of. She's just a total attention-whore! She loves putting her head on my lap when I'm doing work. Totally cute!

Friday - A shot of some of my accessories. I really like my accessory holder.. it's cool! :D

Saturday - One of my favorite scents... Still by J.Lo.

Sunday - Didn't take any photos, but I did a layout for NSD challenge at Scrappers Bliss. I did this for the digi & basic sketch challenges. This is the first digi I've done in a while.

I had a pretty good weekend... Friday night I had an early dinner with a few friends who I've not seen for almost 1 month! Eek! Scrapped a little that night. Saturday I scrapped a little bit more and went to a friend's flatwarming. We were planning to go out dancing that night.. but everyone was just too tired.. so we didn't go.. and I had an early night. Sunday slept in a little, scrapped a little, went out to lunch with Jay and went home and chilled. It was a good lazy weekend! :D

Of course it's already Monday here today.. just another day at work.. and it's just me.. a little bored and unmotived to do much (it is Monday after all!).. so I did these little blog things...

You Belong in LA

Forget living in a dirty, cold city - you'll take the beach instead.
Celebrity sightings, trendy restaurants, and clubbing all night are more your thing.
And who knows? You might become the next beautiful person the paparazzi stalks!
Do You Belong in LA or NY?

Okay.. so that's all for now.. I'm a little tied up at the moment.. but I'll try to update again soon! Have a great week!

This is my photo of the day. My boss gave this to me! Smells sooooo good!
WOW! Where did April go? It's 1st of May already!!! Almost half the year gone. A new month.. a new start. Mine's started out pretty good... I've got 3 items published in the May Scrapstreet Magazine. Woohoo!!! :D

Here're the links to my stuff but I really hope you'll take the time to read the whole mag..it's wonderful and has really inspiring work in there.

Lift Lane

A group of us at ScrapStreet are planning to do a photo a day challenge for the month of May. So here's mine for May 1st.


This is what the view is like outside my window at 5.30pm every weekday. I live on a main street so traffic can be quite a nightmare between 5 and 6 in the evenings.

I must say.. after living in this apartment for 4 years, I've never actually taken a photo from my window.. so this is a first. :)

I came home to Happy Mail again today! :D Kathy
sent me these yummy goodies - Queen & Co Felt trim, Maya Road velvet ribbon, Prima flowers and check out the cutest little card she made!!

Our first group has ended and the second round starts today... I've got a new Happy Mail partner to get to know.. and a whole lot of new people joined the group.

Well.. that's it for today... have a great new month!