I got another layout done and scanned! Woohoo!! :)

Today's been really busy but I felt so satisfied at the end of the day to get so much done!!! :)

Just sharing this layout today... nothing much else to add.

Have a happy day!
I had the laziest weekend ever last weekend... I stayed home and just watched movies, listen to music and surf the web.... managed to do laundry and color my hair...

And I left the house on Saturday for dinner and a bit of grocery shopping and on Sunday afternoon I went to the Warehouse to look for storage bins for my paint and came home with 2! :) One chartreuse green and one hot pink. LOVE them!!!

Yesterday was pretty good at work... busy but not stressful. I even managed to get home by 5.30pm and cooked dinner. :)

I chatted with Tri last night and he told me about a few Indonesian songs (this is how i keep up with what's nice to listen to!) and also a really beautiful Japanese song which has amazing meaning! You can read the lyrics in English if you click on more info.

It's gonna be a busy today... I can feel it.... so better go get some breakfast in me so I have energy! :)

Have a great week all!!!
So.... I have been scrapping quite a bit... just only managed to photograph/scan them and upload them in my gallery over at SISTV.

Most of the layouts/cards are all done with American Crafts. I just couldn't not submit for their DT call. :) I made a whole bunch of layouts so I get to choose 2 layouts, a card and project to submit. Well, I only made one project. :) I'm so happy to have new layouts to go into my album!!!

I gave it my best shot.. so now the excruciating, nail-biting wait begins!!! I hope to make it to the DT!!! (Keep your fingers crossed for me ok?)

Today's a nice sunny day... but I think I'm just going to stay in and relax... or maybe just go out a bit later... see how I feel. I'm still tired from the big week at work... so I like not making plans and just go with the flow. :)

Have a great Saturday all!!!

This week has been super duper flat out crazy at work I barely have time to breathe much less do anything else!!! By the end of the day I'm just totally brain dead and physically drained!!!!

Last weekend was super awesome actually... even though it feels like ages ago.. I still want to blog about it...because I had a really great time!

On Saturday I worked on the American Crafts DT call, hung out with Andre, my 'little brother' (he's actually a friend, 18-year old and we're really close like brother and sister) at home. I made lunch and we listened to music and surfed Youtube and chatted while I scrapped.

We then headed out to Satay Kajang for dinner with Priza, Mark, Bang Dade, Emir and another Andre and then went home to get ready for a night out in town. Ovy just turned 18 a week or so ago and she hasn't been clubbing yet.. so that was her big night!!

Lia's cousins from Jakarta (Edho, Ika and Ocky) were visiting too, so we club hopped a bit more than usual that night. We started at Tokyo Tea House, then went on to Jet just right next door but the music at Jet that night wasn't as good as usual, so we headed off to Maya... and that was really good fun especially when Priza, Mark and Adjie turned up to join us... and then from there we went on to Temperence... that was the first time clubbing there since they have quite a strict dresscode especially for the guys. We all amazingly got in!! Temperence has 3 floors with different DJs and types of music. That was pretty good too. After Temperence, my feet were starting to hurt a bit... Lia, Ovy, Ocky, Edho and Ika went home and I stayed in town with the boys. We went back to Maya for a little while and then headed off to Lotus. There was quite a queue there, and Priza crazily suggested that we go to Rain just for the fun of it, so off we went - only to find that it was closed for a private function!!! So we made walked all three blocks back to Lotus and stayed there. At about 4.30am, Dhani, the two Andres, Emir and myself called it a night and went off. We went off to get a bit of food and Andre, Dhani and I took a cab back to my place where we had a very late supper/early breakfast and then crashed!!!! I danced so much that night my feet were totally dead and my legs ached!

Click on the picture for bigger view.

Sunday was a lazy recuperating day.. Dhani, Andre and I lazed around for a bit and just hung out. At lunch time I got up and showered and Dhani went off to retrieve his car from town and meet up with Lia. Andre went back to sleep as I worked on my AC submission a bit more. Later that afternoon, Bang Dade came by and Dhani came back to pick up his passport and shirt and Lia invited us over to her place for dinner and karaoke. :) I don't usually go anywhere on Sunday evenings 'cos it makes me tired before work on Monday but this time I decided to. We had dinner and talked and laughed and had 10,000 BC playing in the background too. There was no karaoke that night! We had too much fun chatting and just hanging out. Dhani, Andre and I headed home around 10.30 and when I got home, I put all the things I needed to finish up my AC DT application together with the intention of working on it in the morning and went off to bed!

So that was my weekend... a pretty darn good one!!!!!!!! :)
I love dresses.... whatever the season.. I love dresses and how they make me feel so girly and pretty.... had a browse through Anthropologie's website and these are the ones I'm drooling over.

This Dress

And this one!

Love the sunny color!

I want this so bad!

This is pretty sweet too!

How can you not want this?

Simple but pretty sweet


Just lovely!

Ideal for summer

Want this too!

Yes please

Well this one's not a dress, but I still like it all the same! I can see dressing this one up or down!
Simple, not plain

This project is so cool! I just stumbled upon it today. I wonder how it would feel to wear the same dress for a whole year and just bank on accessorizing and layering.

Read about it here

Ok that's it for now...
Remember when I said I had a glitter rainbow on my bedroom floor? Well here it is.. I finally have the photos that I took with my friend's camera.

This is my first commissioned canvas! If I remember correctly, the size was 16x20. My dance coach asked me to create this as a farewell present for 3 of the girls - Azza, Sherine and Nadine (sisters) who were leaving NZ and our group. I had a lot of fun doing this one... I put in sooooo much time into the stitching and the glittering, even had a near breakdown when I was struggling to finish it in time for our farewell lunch/afternoon tea session - but I love the end result!
I tried my hand at heat embossing tonight... played with American Crafts stamps and Zing embossing powders..... and now I want to emboss everything in sight!!

I'm really loving it! It's not as fiddly and messy as I thought... the reason why I never tried embossing until now!!! But now that I've tried it, I just can't get enough... so you may be seeing quite a bit of embossing on my layouts and cards in the near future!!!

I'm totally lusting for this:

Image from American Crafts blog

How pretty is that!??!! It's hot pink too!! OMG I WANT!!!!

Oh well... that's it for now.. will try to take piccies of the cards I made tonight.
I have been that is.... so much so that I haven't had the chance to download my photos from the weekend off my camera! Hopefully tonight! :)

Work is still as crazy as ever... but I'm really squeezing in creative time at night when I get home from work.. and at the moment I'm loving the creative process and productivity!

If only I can get daylight to photograph the layouts I've done! Grrrr.... Hate winter (for the lack of light!).

Well... I'll be back soon... hopefully with pictures... the past couple of posts have been a bit naked I think... but still, I just want to update just in case all 5 (if even that!) of my faithful blog readers think I've fallen off the face of the earth! :D
I had great intentions to blog on Monday about my weekend.. but of course I got sucked in with scrapping and watching Gilmore Girls again that I suddenly realized tonight, Wednesday night, that it's almost a whole week gone!

So I don't know if I'm going to blog about the weekend past or not... I may slip in a post between now and my last post! :)

It's been a really busy week at work and in the evenings, I've been scrapping too... but have yet to photograph anything since it's always pitch black by the time I get home from work and it's still too dark in the morning before I leave for work. So I guess I'll just have to do it this weekend. :)

Stay tuned!

I've been scrapping a few layouts this week, but haven't had enough daylight to photograph them yet (darn day job!) :)

So will do that in the weekend!

Have a great day! It's Friday tomorrow! YAY!
Finally I can reveal my little project I did a few weeks ago.

I made a few nametags for the SISiversary attendees... eventhough I didn't get to attend, but a few little pieces of me were there! :)

Here they are:

I did them in SISTV colors and am pretty proud of how they turned out. I learned how to thread and use my mini sewing machine that weekend too! :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're all having a great week so far!