July proved to be a rollercoaster of a month. I've been overwhelmed, frustrated, scared, anxious, happy, sad and bittersweet.

Bad stuff:

  • Feeling overwhelmed at work
  • Feeling frustrated and hanging in the air about the state of my relationship with Jay

Hard stuff:

  • Talking to Jay to see where things are headed for us
  • Calling it quits with Jay

Good stuff:

  • Attended birthday parties 3 Saturdays in a row! (click on the collage to view the pictures in a larger format)
  • Lots of time hanging out with Elvry, Lia, Bibhien, Dhani, Mario, Mba Kiki, Bang Dade, Nina, Dessy and lot of others
  • Going out dancing
  • Good friends keeping me happy and sane!
  • Getting a boxful of goodies from SISTV
  • Receiving new perfume (Stella by Stella McCartney) from Sarina & Russell
  • Finally getting the 7Gypsies ATC spinner on sale! YAY!
  • Playing pool a lot.
Elvry's birthday

Ardya's belated birthday dinner

Lia's egg and flour 'party'

Lia's Birthday party

Had countless photos taken with friends Coffee at Expressoholic

Took an impromptu roadtrip to Palmerston North

So that's the summary of my July! :D

7 Responses
  1. Anonymous Says:

    aww its beautiful! LOVE it!

    cant believe how much has happened in July!
    yess we hav been thru alot :)

    nice work.
    let me kno when u've posted ur nxt blog yaa :)

    love ya.mwahh

  2. Jacqie Says:

    Hey babe...sorry about you and Jay...I guess it was expected..wasn't it? Don't worry dear, God has other things plan for you...just be patient!!! Love you!!!

  3. amy lapi Says:

    mich, i absolutely love that first layout! if you need to talk, email me. i know a bit about that subject. :)

  4. Kate Says:

    sooo glad to see you blogging again! so sorry about you and Jay..believe me, I know how much it sucks!! Things will get better...and in the meantime, indulge in the two best kinds of therapy....scrap and retail :)

  5. Mireille Says:

    wow! Tons of pictures! and a BEAUTIFUL piece of art!!!

  6. Janneke Smit Says:

    wow, that was quite a month! Sorry to hear about Jay, it must have been very hard (I think you made the right decision though) :)

  7. ~currant7 Says:

    hi dear!
    long time, I know.
    take it a day at a time. i know things will be fine and be for the better.

    great layout. let all the frustrations come out on your layouts instead. it will be very theraputic.

    by the way, i left something for you here: http://currant7.blogspot.com/2008/09/photos-are-up.html#links