I am itching to create... to scrap.. to get down and dirty with paint... alas.. I'm stuck here at work for another 6 hours! :(

I scrapped my first 12x12 layout (in a lonnnnnnnnnngggggg time) last night! :D Something simple... still trying to get the hang of things again.. it's been a while since I scrapped.. so it kinda feels new to me all over again. Will post it when I get it scanned tonight.

I enrolled in a mixed media art class which is going to start next Saturday. It's only 4 weeks long and 3.5 hours each session. I'm really excited to start the class... it's something I've been wanting to learn for a while now, but could never really find a class. This time, I'm seizing the opportunity to learn. I'm still waiting for a list of supplies needed for the class to be emailed to me... so impatient! LOL!

Oh yeah... I've created draft posts over the past few months etc.. just that I never got around to filling them up with my stories and photos etc.. so don't be surprised when you see posts appearing between my last one dated 3 February and my post today. :D

Oh... and I've just figured out scheduled posting. Like a few minutes ago. After blogging for a couple of years... yeah.... pretty slow of me.

Happy Thursday!
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  1. Shirley Says:

    She's alive! What scheduled posting?!?! LOL!