I'm such a horrific blogger of late! I was semi regular with my posting back in March (I think) and then just somehow fell off the wagon again in April.

This is a new month and I want to try to do better... to post a bit more regularly... and share more regularly.

I don't think that there's anyone left out there who's still actually checking out this space... but it's ok.. I'm recording all the details for me... for my future self... lest i ever forget.

This month, I will do my best:
  • To post at least twice a week
  • To create at least one layout a week (being realistic here!) on top of other little projects
  • To edit my daily photos and print them out (so far behind it's not even funny!)
  • To continue working on my 365 pages and hopefully will be up to date soon
  • To clean out my closet and purge/sell stuff that I haven't been wearing in the past 6 months and don't think I will be wearing in the next 6 to come.
  • To just enjoy time with friends
  • To make a conscious effort to send an email or call my family and friends so they know that I'm thinking of them and that I miss them
  • To complete or at least work on projects that were abandoned halfway (not on purpose - just that I get the urge to do new things and just jumpt into them thus leaving the old projects just pushed aside indefinitely)

Ok I will be back again hopefully soon with photos.... lots of photos that I was supposed to put up here a few weeks ago.... but have just procastinated too much and never got around to doing.

Ta ta!
2 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    YAY!!!! She updated! You wanna know behind???? I haven't scrapped since before I was pregnant with Jacob. I'm so far behind with Hayley's layouts and Jacob doesn't have one to his name yet. *sigh*

  2. giuseppina Says:

    i's still reading!