I was just going through the list of blogs on mine and checking to see if there are any updates from my favorite bloggers. When I clicked on Amy Tan's blog, (nope, not related :) )I was so surprised to see her mention one of my layouts!!! Totally made my day!!!! :)

I'm off to a busy start... lots to do at work today.. end of month coming up, so the usual rush is starting. I didn't quite register this morning, when I was walking to work, that it's actually Thursday already today!!! Wow! The week sure has gone fast!

I caught up with Lisa after work last night. We went to Lychee Cafe to try out the place. The food is pretty decent and with decent pricing. Probably will go back again. Taiwanese cuisine so called, but I did see quite a mixture of pretty standard Chinese fare that you can find at CHA or Momotea here too.. and of course there was bubble tea as well. :)

As always we had a good laugh, a good catch up and a huge discussion on the traits that we'd like to find in a guy... hahaha...

Oh well.. I better go.. lots to do.... :)


P/S: Oh, I'll be posting photos from when my brother visited 2 weeks ago.... haven't had time to sort out the photos.
8 Responses

  1. amy lapi Says:

    so cool! she IS awesome! so are you! :)

  2. Shell Says:

    always wondered if you two were related and never thought to ask. lol

  3. Marlene Says:

    I'm new to this blogging thing. You are so talented.
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!!

  4. Lychee Cafe? sounds interesting!!

  5. amy lapi Says:

    hi michelle! where have you been? hope all is well.

  6. dare i hope you come back to blogland soon? :) miss u...

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Don't stop posting such articles. I like to read blogs like that. Just add more pics :)