Ok.. I've finally made my blog public again.

Been trying to re-vamp it a bit.. change things around.. and it's not 100% done done, but I'm ok with that... 

It's not up to date and has a huge gap between March and now.. but I've accepted that it will take me a while to get those posts up and that I'll just have to back date them...

I've got most of the links of blogs/websites I want on the right done.. and the general look of this blog re-vamped.. so I'm happy with that. 

This month I will start over.. and do my absolute best to keep up with my daily postings... so fingers crossed that will happen... on days that I just can't manage to post, I'll catch up.. and I'm ok with that. 

So... stay tuned for more from me!!!

2 Responses

  1. penuttpie Says:

    welcome back!! love the new look! :) miss you