There was a Chinese New Year festival/parade at Frank Kitts park last Sunday and I had made plans with Lia, Sammy, Dira, Dhani, Iyud and Adjie to go.

Sunday dawned bright and beautiful... the perfect kind of summer day for Wellington... all sun, a little bit of cloud and pretty much almost no wind...

I met up with the group at Frank Kitts park, but we got there a bit late and only managed to catch the tail end of the parade - the lion and dragon dances only really. We met Ayu, Kania and Herdi too and Herdi was there with a mission - to take photographs!

Woohoo!! the cam whore in most of us said! :) He obligingly took photos of us all.. and they were pretty cool!

We stayed to catch a bit of the cultural performances - nothing spectacular I must say. And being that it's such a rare perfectly beautiful day in Wellington, the group decided to head to a bubble tea place only to change our minds and ended up at Parade Cafe at Oriental Bay. We walked along the waterfront part of the way and posed for many photos... :)

All in all a pretty photographic afternoon. Herdi, Ayu and I ended the day with dinner at One Red Dog.

Photos are courtesy of Herdi. :)

Thanks for stopping by and see you again soon! :) 
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  1. Great pics! Love the balloons, shades and cool car!