OMG OMG OMG!!!! I got into the OPAAT Design Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm still in shock about

It all seems sooooooo surreal. I had been out all day yesterday at a food show with my friends and when I came home, I checked my email... just curious and hoping to see if there was news on the OPAAT DT call yet.. and I saw Capella's name in my inbox. My heart just started racing while I opened the email... and after just reading the first line:

Hi Michelle!

This letter comes to you with good news...

All I could do was scream and laugh and almost cried and just kept saying OMG OMG OMG to my bf, Jay. And then, when I calmed down enough, I went back and read the whole email.

This is just a total dream come true! I've been in love with OPAAT's kits since I applied for the DT position last year (got Honorable Mention) and have been back to the website at least once a week...and of course always checking out the kits. All the stuff that Capella put together are just so cool, colorful and very much my style! :D And the community at OPAAT is really nice and supportive too!

I stayed up all night on Friday to finish up my mini album... and I woke up later than I had planned to yesterday.. hurriedly took photos and resized and attached them all to my email. I think I made the DT call just by the skin of my nose! I'm still not too good with time difference (don't think that'll ever change! LOL!) and I was just hoping and praying that I made it just in time by midnight of 25th May (in the US).

Here's my mini album:

Adri, Laura, Lies and I went to the Wellington Foodshow at Westpac Stadium... it's my first time. Those three went last year... it was pretty fun just to go for the experience... I love the fact that there were a lot of manufacturers presenting their products old and new...and got to try a lot of things that I would not even consider buying at the supermarket because I just don't know if they're good or not... Overall the foodshow wasn't anything spectacular but for $18 worth, I think it's pretty good.. a lot of different food and wine and beverages and chocolates and ice cream manufacturers there.. and free goodies are always a plus! :D Personally I wanted to go just for the experience and because I've never been in the stadium before! :D

Today Jay and I went to the Wakefield market for lunch...yummy char siu (BBQ pork
) rice and stirfried vermicelli and ice lemon tea - my favorite! Went home and pack up a few things for the Jar Swap Trish is hosting at Scrappers Bliss.

At just after 6pm we went to Readings Cinema with the intention to watch Pirates of the Caribbean 3... put the queue was just to crazy and we flagged it. So we drove to Borders thinking it was closing at 8.30pm only to find that it was closing just 5 minutes after we got there! So we both went to Intercontinental Hotel for a coffee and then went to have sushi at Sushi Catch. :) It was a fun impromptu date...

And now here I am updating and finally able to post about my happy news! :D
All in all an awesome weekend! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week ahead! It's Monday again tomorrow.. back to work...
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  1. Maggie Says:

    Wow Michelle!
    Congrats on the DT, you ahve such a distinctive style of course you're gonna make it.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Shirley Says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I had a feeling! :)

  3. Francine Says:

    Congrats Michele!!! :)

  4. Ruey Says:

    WTG Girlie!!!! Congrats for making it onto the OPAAT DT! Can't wait to see your creations for the July Kit...it will be on the way in the next few days I hear!

  5. aleciagrimm Says:

    Congrats on the Opaat team!! I am looking forward to being on a team with you. I love your blog too! & lastly, great mini album. :-)

  6. Eminepala Says:

    WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO congrats SWEETY... YEAH for you...
    This seems our lucky month...

    WOOHOO.. SO happy and excited for you my friend


  7. Congratulations on making it on the OPAAT team.

  8. Dayami Says:

    Hi Michelle, this is Dayami (your new opaat DT buddy. Congratulations, sweetie. You'll love it here.
    Hugs ;)

  9. Kellie Says:

    Woohoo girlie, so happy for you!
    Looks like your going to be a busy girl.
    Great pictures! :)



    Oh this is so wonderful for you!!!!
    Another SISter is making it to the big time. I love this craft, allows us to be creative and get special rewards like you just did. Keep up the great work. My best to you

  11. nic Says:

    Congrats Michelle! Well deserved, enjoy cloud 9!!!


  12. scrapgeek Says:

    Congratulations Michelle :)

  13. LOVE that mini.

    and congrats!

  14. Eminepala Says:

    BTW: you got tagged sweetie ;)

    check my blog


  15. Marieke Says:

    Congratulations Michelle!

  16. Pandachu Says:

    Congratulations Michelle!! Well done! Book me a kit from all the way over Brunei. I love ur work so I'm sure I'll love ur kit!

  17. JazzScraps Says:

    OMG! OMG! Congratulations Michelle! You truly deserve it!! Can't wait to see what your future OPAAT LOs!!

  18. Kellie Says:

    P.S, me again, hehe.
    I tagged you, check my blog out for details. ;)


  19. NancyJones Says:

    IM SO PROUD FOR YOU GIRL JUMPIN UP AND DOWN I KNOW YOUR SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED! GO AHEAD ON WITH YOUR SCRAPPY SELF!!!! (love your little book that is sooo dadgum cuteeeeeee) may have to lift part of that!! hehehe

  20. Athena Says:

    Congrats on the DT! Looks like a cute album!

  21. Nat Says:

    YEAHHH - this is soooo cool!!! your style rocks and it is so well deserved! Congratulations and big hugs!

  22. Megan Says:

    Yay Michelle! I'm am soooo excited for you!! I had thought of entering, but didn't have the commitment time at the moment, but I know you are going to have a blast! Those girls are fantastic!!!

  23. ~currant7 Says:

    congratulations girl!
    finally! told you so! :D
    great to see this postings and totally love the album. :D

  24. Vee Says:

    congrats Michelle!!
    that is awesome!!
    EEEKKKK yeah :)
    so excited for you :)

  25. félicitations girl!
    it's a wowowowowwow day!!!



    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}
    artsy english-français blog

  26. shirls Says:

    congrats, michelle:)

  27. Cammeron Says:

    Congratulations!!!!! How exciting!!!