Phew... I've been missing and been busy with life... catching up with friends... being exhausted from work... and yadda yadda...

I don't even know where to start posting! Maybe I should just forget about getting everyone up to speed... Hmmm... ok.. I'll do it in point form.

Let's see:

  • SIStv has launched!! This site is soooooooooooooooooooo addictive! It's a really great place and the way the site is designed... it's just so fast to load even on dialup! The girls there are just so inspiring and supportive... no cattiness or anything like that.. really fun topic... the owner, Bis Sis aka JJ aka Jeanette Herdman is very involved on the boards and goes all out to make the place so totally amazing!
  • Last Friday - went to Indonesian Embassy for a farewell and also caught up with a lot of people.. (haven't been there for a long time!) After that, went for coffee at Expressoholic.. Laura, Edwin, Priza and I stayed chatting till 2.30am.
  • Edwin and Uki graduated with their bachelor degrees last week.

  • Saturday played in the Color Swap (White Elephant style) organised by Trish on Scrappers Bliss. Got my package stolen and stole someone else's.. :D In the end... totally happy with mine. Here's the one I ended up with - It's called limeade.

  • Made dinner reservations for 20 people only to find that the restaurant screwed it up completely and did not have the decency to call me (They have my mobile number) to explain so that I could make alternative plans! Arrrrrgh! Anyway.. ended up going somewhere else... food equally good.... :D

  • Played pool at Breakers after dinner and went home. Stayed up online catching up with friends in the States.
  • Did a digi layout for a challenge on SIStv.
  • Went for yumcha with Jay on Sunday and caught up on sleep and watched Pirates Of The Caribbean on tv.
Totally crazy week at work... and that's it for now...

Will update again soon!
2 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    so YOU have the limeade. LOL! sounds like you've been BUSY!

  2. ~currant7 Says:

    i love the digi-layout dear! :)