Nothing much to post about today.. I'm at work all by myself.. and it's really cold outside.

I've been searching for older songs that I used to love listening to and I remembered this one. My brother and I LOVED this song back in 1996/97..... Just thought I'd share... :)


Ok.. that's all for now.. have a wonderful day!
4 Responses
  1. Jody Says:

    Just getting caught up here...LOVED all your cards in the previous post. So fun and colorful! See ya around SIS!

  2. susan opel Says:

    I actually have never heard of this song. Hard to believe since I love music!

  3. I've always loved how songs can take me back to a certain place in time :)

  4. Pandachu Says:

    I used to be hooked on this song too. Wow brings back memories eh?