After seeing this project by Elise.. I knew I had to start one too!

I don't usually get to scrap everyday.... no time... mojo not present... or sometimes just don't feel like tackling a whole layout.
Saying that, I still want to be able to create something everyday.. and creating a small piece of art (playing card size) is a manageable task for everyday.. that way I'll still feed the urge to create and to record some thoughts or observations for the day...I really like this idea.. and I'm going to try to do this.... I'll post my cards here everyday.. hopefully I can stick to it... :D I don't have issues with catching up.. I'm being realistic.. some days I am just sooooo tired from work that I don't feel like doing anything when I get home... but I'll still create a card for the day.. maybe like do it the next day or something. LOL!

Anyway... here's my first one for June 1st.

Card - 2 of Diamond
Paint: MM & Chromacryl, Stickers: MM, Stamp: from Ali Edwards CK KOTM

And I got tagged by Emine and Kellie... I'm supposed to list 7 random things and then tag 7 people. I've done this before... LOL! I trying to think of 7 more random things to list!

1. I like instant coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love my Starbucks frappucinno too! But I prefer instant to plunger/percolater coffees.

2. I have a pillow that I've had since I was a kid (my dad & mom made it) that I take with me everywhere... I took it with me when I moved to Kuching for college and then to New Zealand for university. I still have it! It's sooooo flat now that I don't use it to cushion my head, I just hug it when I sleep. :)

3. I love blog hopping... especially if it's someone new who comments on my blog, I have to go check out that person's blog and from there... hop on to other ones.

4. I love old music.... The Beatles, Carpentars, Roy Orbison, Cliff Richard (earlier songs) and singers/groups in that era. I grew up listening to these songs instead of songs in my own time! :)

5. I have a huge thing for chick flicks and chick lit - I can't ever get enough of them or be too old for them!

6. I like having the tv or a favorite dvd on when scrapping. I only listen to music when I'm stuck or mojo's gone missing. :)

7. If I spend as much time scrapping as I do on the net, I'd have scrapped alllllllll my pics and more by now!

Ok now to tag 7 people....


Have a great day! Back soon!!
4 Responses
  1. Silvitanova Says:

    Ha, ha! I can relate to almost everything! If I scraped as much as I bloghopped...LOL
    Yeh, that 1 card a day- blog is awesome isn't it!
    Have a good week!

  2. Eminepala Says:

    thanks for playing sweetie ;)

  3. Kellie Says:

    Hey girl, thanks for playing! Interested facts. ;)

  4. LOVE that card!!! i plan on starting that soon!! i keep saying that.