I spent the weekend in solitude.. it was great! I pretty much needed it... to just chill, be by myself... and do whatever I wanted to. Almost reminded me of an episode in the Gilmore Girls where Rory chose to stay home to do laundry - not even a date with Dean! Of course Paris showed up unannounced.. and thankfully nothing like that happened to me. LOL! I did four loads of laundry yesterday - Insane!

Friday night Jay left to go up to Palmerston North to see his friend. They were going up to Whakapapa to snowboard on Saturday. And I went to the Indonesian embassy for the Independence Day celebration. It was fun to meet up with friends and eat great food (the sambal was sooooo spicy!) and then watch a few friends being called up to play a few silly games.. lots of laughs for sure.. and a few photos! (I need to get them off my friends!)
Somehow I can never scrap after being out at night... I just can't get in the mood and am so tired that mojo runs away.. so I watch Gilmore Girls for a bit and turned in for the night.

Saturday I stayed in all day.. just pushing paper around for a bit and then scrapped while watching Family Stone and Raise Your Voice.... :) And that's what I did all day and night!!! Watched S.W.A.T and Lethal Weapon on tv at night too... it was great... it was just me, the tv/dvd and my September kit from OPAAT! :)

Sunday was loads of trip to the laundry room and scrapping.. and here's what I did. :)

So... That's pretty much all i've been up to. Stay tuned for an update with all my daily cards... Still need to scan them all.. soon hopefully! :)

Have a great week ahead!
10 Responses
  1. Nothing better than some alone time. Lucky you!!
    Just saw these on SIS and I LOVED them all. Great kit!

  2. just had to tell you that I think your layouts are amazing!!! I love what you've done with the kit!

  3. Vee Says:

    gorgeous layouts and I love Family Stone, one of my fav movies ;)

  4. Pandachu Says:

    Just realised I havent seen ur cards for a while..LOL. Yea its abt time they were posted. Great LO's btw *grin*

  5. Nat Says:

    It is fun to have some Me-Time - I like this once in a while too. Love your wonderful layouts and cards -!!!

  6. ~currant7 Says:

    the OPAAT kit for Sept rocks!
    I love the "fab five no more" layout...really nicely done. :)

    it's always great to have time alone...why do you think I go out alone on weekends. :) it's great to just do whatever and catch up on everything you would want to do. :D

  7. Shirley Says:

    awesome new stuff!

  8. micayla Says:

    I hope you enjoyed your chill time, it is good for the soul.
    Love the layouts and that kit looks fabby!

  9. Stunning! You've done some awesome projects with that kit.

  10. melanie Says:

    that sounds like a perfect weekend!! good for you. i love when i have a chance to be productive AND create. i'm still catching up on my gilmore girls.