First of all, Gong Hey Fatt Choy... Happy Chinese New Year. Today is the second day of Chinese New Year.. and at this time of the year I always miss my family... all the celebration, food, getting together.... and red packets (filled with money)! :D

Ok.. today is a new day.... and today is the start of my journey to being a better blogger. Some days time just runs away from me... I get home from work.. take a shower.. have some dinner and scrap for a little or watch tv or check out SISTV gallery.. and the next thing I know, my scrapping is not completed yet and it's time for bed.. and that means no time to blog... this occurs almost daily! I need to find time somehow in my 24 hours a day to blog.. at least once every few days.. instead of once every few weeks!

So... go get a cup of coffee or any beverage of your choice... something to eat/munch on - This will be a long post... some news aren't even new anymore.. but just want to get it all on here so I don't forget.

First of all, I'm blogging from my pretty new laptop!!! I got this in December.. but kept forgetting to post photos of it. Plus I've still been using my old desktop till now since everything I need is still on it. Last week I finally moved all my photos and documents over and got my printer driver installed on the laptop too. So my desktop has officially retired!

What else.. I spent most of my summer holiday with Jin, Sooyong and Minki. Now that Sooyong and Minki have gone back to Korea.. life kinda gets back to normal.. I don't go out as much and I just keep to myself enjoying my alone time. I miss them heaps... but at least I still see Jin occasionally for coffee/dinner.

I've not scrapped too much yet this year... a few projects on the go at the moment.. but keep getting interrupted by a lot of other things.

I threw my name in the hat for the SISTV Fashionista Project. The first part was easy.. we just had to email JJ with the link to our gallery. And then I found out I made the 100 who moved on to Round 2... totally excited, honored, scared and deliriously happy. For Round 2 we had to create a project about WHY I WANT TO BE A FASHIONISTA. I was probably the last to send mine in. LOL! But I'm really happy with my project.. I pretty much stayed true to my style... and wrote from the heart... so that's what matters.

And just a few days ago.. I found out that I made it to Round 3!!! One of 42 amazingly talented ladies!!! So proud to be in the same group with them. Another Kiwi, Rachel Hosking made it to Round 3 too!! YAY for the Kiwis!!!! So here's my project for Round 2.

We've just been given our assignmen
t for Round 3.. I'm totally shaking in my boots! Eep... really need to brainstorm this weekend!

What else?? Umm.. right now.. I'm totally hooked on a Korean pop group called Super Junior.. mmmm... total eye candy! LOL! Their music videos are quite cool too.. my fave song is U and their version of Haeng Bok (Happiness) originally by HOT.

My favorite guy is Siwon... *sigh* Look at those dimples!!!! :D Heehee...

I actually love watching their tv shows..all the really funny things that they do...

I've been faithfully writing in my book of Daily Thanks (pictures to come tomorrow).. and I've been painting canvases like a mad woman.. I have 4 in progress at the moment! LOL!

My parents and aunt & uncle will be here next month.. and we'll be travelling to a few places in the South Island. Really looking forward to that... it'll be great fun..and hoping that Dad will be able to find a tripod for me! :D

Right.. I think that's all for tonight.. I'm too tired to think of what else to write... and I want to call Jay for a chat.. we talk every couple of days.. I miss him.. but I'm doing ok here..

I'll post a scrappy post tomorrow.. with all my recent projects.. I know I keep saying that.. but in my quest to be a better blogger.. I will do it! And I so need a new banner!!! See you soon!!!

9 Responses
  1. Lori Says:

    YAY Michelle!!!!! Congrats on making it to round 3!!!! I'm so excited for you!!!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Debee Campos Says:

    Michelle I loved you entry and I super Love your sis gallery too!!! I'm gonna be a stalker now k? hehee- You totally are fun and super creative, I know you'll be awesome in this next round too!!!
    -Debee Campos

  3. a.l. clark Says:

    Congrats on making it to round 3 for SIS! That is fantastic, good luck.

  4. RiNNE Says:

    Congrats to making it to round 3! Cute blog!!

  5. em Says:

    I love your colorful post! :)

    And your project was one of my favorites from Round 2! You would be an AWESOME Fashionista!! :)

  6. scrapgeek Says:

    Congrats!! Love the new laptop too - great colour. Happy Chinese New Year :)

  7. elizabeth Says:

    girl, why i am i just now finding your blog????

    its {elizabeth} from sis btw :)

    big CONGRATS!!!
    i'm super excited and i have my fingers crossed that you make it to the next round b/c i def. think that you deserve it :)

  8. Robyn W Says:

    congrats Girl on round 3, will be cheering you on

  9. Miss Lai Lai Says:

    Haha..hey Michelle, dont worry and get too beaten up about not blogging everyday. I stopped being too eager to blog. Just blog when you feel like it, sometimes things are more interesting that way.

    Having said, that..keep up the good work! Congrats on the scrapping do.