Yay! I finally got down to creating a new banner for my blog. Had the other one for a whole year! I thought it's time for a new one. I like it.. what do you think? :)

It's been such a busy week at work.. I'm just totally exhausted!!

The last round of Project Fashionista assignment was due on Monday 6pm(NZT).. I worked on it all weekend and didn't finish till Sunday night at 11.30pm!! I was soooo tired.... but am pretty happy with my project. Now is the nail biting stage.. the excruciating wait.. nothing else I can do but wait. I've given it my best shot and can only hope and pray to make it as a Fashionista. If I don't, I will be heartbroken.. but I will be ok... eventually. Everything happens for a reason and there's always a time for everything.. I just need to be patient and believe that my time will come.

I have been scrapping a little.. started the Overlooked challenge that Ashley Wren started. I made my own album with just chipboard for the covers and I add the pages as I go. The whole thing is held together by 3 large book rings as I'm sure it will be a very thick album at the end of it! :D So here is my album cover and the first 2 subjects.


Subject 1 - Favorite Coffee Mug

Subject 2 - My Collection

These two are layouts I did a few weeks ago but only managed to get them scanned tonight. These are done with the Rainbow Sushi collection from SISTV. (You can click on them to make them bigger if you want to read the journaling)

My parents will be here in less than a month.. I can hardly wait! I'll be traveling with them to the South Island over the Easter break.. and I'll finally get to visit Queenstown! YAY! I have lots of arrangements to make...I'm halfway there! And yesterday my daddy texted me to say he bought me a tripod! So so happy and can't wait to use it!

Well.. That's about it for now.. I'm so happy that it's already Thursday tomorrow... I have this Friday afternoon off. Can't wait! I need to catch up with my housework and hopefully scrap some.

Oh.. and I finally got a very much needed trim for my bangs today! Aaaahhhh.. feel so much better to not have hair poking my eyes all the time!

Right.. I'm off to bed shortly.. have a great day ahead!!!
16 Responses
  1. Cricket Says:

    Good luck on the fashionista tryouts, I'll be rooting for you!!

    love the new banner!!


  2. Amadia Says:

    I love all the layouts you put together, they look absolutely gorgeous, and your new banner is rockin'

  3. Wendy Says:

    LOVE the new banner!! great sushi pages too :)

  4. scrapcat Says:

    love the new banner michelle!
    and of course all your lovely layouts ;)


  5. Lisa Says:

    Oh I hate hair poking in my eyes too!
    I love your new blog header, so many good things to say about it, I just love how all the colors work together. Good luck on your Fashionista tryout. I made a book cover for my overlooked journal. I'm keeping my creations in that. I did it several weeks ago, but I have a pic in my portfolio at SIS (lisaannette) if you'd like to see it. I love what you have done with yours and great layouts too!

  6. Siany Says:

    *good luck*

    love your 'overlooked' book and the pages look fabbo too!


  7. Lori Says:

    Good luck in round 3!!!! Got my fingers crossed for you!!!

    Great new banner!!

  8. CandiMandi Says:

    Love your layouts! And your new banner kicks it! Love the texture... so very Jackson Pollock!

  9. Jenn Says:

    love the new banner and all the color!

  10. giuseppina Says:

    yea! im happy for you and i'm sure your entry was great :)

  11. Silvitanova Says:

    I love your new banner. Crossing my fingers for you, and hoping that you're going to be a fashionista (but I'm already proud of you that you are so close!)

  12. Spinkeeshy Says:

    FAbulous new banner, and best of luck on fashionista!

  13. ~currant7 Says:

    good luck on the fashionista entry. i will be cheering for you over here. :)

    love the banner...so you!

  14. Love the new banner, the new LOs and ALL THE BEST for the fashionista project.

  15. Shirley Says:

    good luck! love the new stuff!