I'm feeling blue today.

Mom and Dad left early this morning to go home to Malaysia.. they've been here for 1.5 months. Initially it was a bit hard to be in closed quarters, but after about a week, I really loved coming home from work to mom and dad. We have dinner together, and catch weekly tv shows and movies.. go to Sunday mass and hang out at Borders..visited with Dad's friend Angelus and his partner Rebecca and her brother Mark.. it was really nice to have them here.

Now I am all alone again. It'll take some getting used to. Thankfully I don't have a big apartment... so hopefully that would help.

Dad texted me about an hour ago and they got to Brunei safely. I'm really thankful for that. I've been saying prayers all day that the weather would be fine and that they would have a safe flight. They'll probably drive back to Miri tomorrow and I pray that they have a safe and smooth drive home.

I'm exhausted. I got a layout done tonight for May's Kiwi Jack Me Up. So stayed tuned and make sure to check out the Kiwi Jack Me Up blog to see who we've jacked this time.

I'll be back with a very much needed update soon. Maybe tomorrow.. :D
3 Responses
  1. May Says:

    Hello Cousin..heres my bloggy add.. :)
    http://onlykillmeifyoudare-may.blogspot.com/ thx again

  2. kim brimhall Says:

    awww cheer up...and get some rest!! your blog is very cheery:) good luck missy!
    *kim b*

  3. Lisa Says:

    aw, I'm so sorry you are alone and I hope your parents make it home safely too.