There's no May flowers here 'cos it's autumn/winter now. The weather has definitely changed. Thankfully there was no rain today. :D

Not much going on here.. just a layout I did a few weeks ago and also my Kiwi Jack Me Up layout. :D Gosh.. I just realized how long it has been since I've actually posted any scrappage here!!!

Thank God it's Friday tomorrow! YAY! I'm catching up with Jin and Songhwan for dinner and then drinks later on. And then I have to start planning for NSD on SISTV for this weekend.

Don't forget to stop by. I'll be hosting 2 sessions, one on Saturday night 8pm (NZT) = 3am CST (US) and the other session is Sunday 12pm (NZT) = 7pm CST.

The other thing I'm totally excited about is Adrienne's Artistic Edge class. It's a photo editing online class and I'm dying to learn from this girl. She's got mad skillz!!! That starts tomorrow! YAY!

Ok.. I better be off to bed! See ya soon!

3 Responses
  1. Lisa Says:

    No May flowers here either... still reeling from winter! Can't wait for spring :)

  2. Kathy Says:

    We are finally getting our May flowers! The weather still doesn't know what it wants to do! One day it's 75 degrees, and the next we have frost warnings! I am ready for some warmer weather!

    Your layouts are so cute! I hope you get lots done on NSD!

  3. Ana Cristina Says:

    Hi, Michelle, it´s a quite nice blog! Congrats!
    Regards from Portugal.