Happy Mother's Day to my dearest mommy...

We may not always get along... we may not always agree on the same things. She may get frustrated with me for being so stubborn and not do as I'm told. She'll nag me for the littlest things.. she'll fuss over me.. and I get so annoyed that she goes on and on sometimes about the most minor things... and I didn't like it when she made me eat pumpkin or drink 2 glasses of water every morning when I get up (too much water, too little time!) or tell me that I drink too much coffee (I've cut back now). But I know that all these things she does and says.. she does out of love for me. I know that she wants the best for me.

My mommy was just here in Wellington for over a month. It wasn't easy initially to be in such closed quarters (I've been living away from home for sooooo long). But eventually we got used to it and had our little routines that made it all ok.

She did so much for me... she cooked dinner and made sure I had a lunchbox to take to work, she handwashed some of my clothes for me, she cleaned my apartment (together with dad) while I was at work, she reinforced all the little beadings on my tops for me... just little things.. but things that mean so much to me.

Thank you mommy.. for all that you do even when I don't like it (the pumpkin) and thank you for all the countless little things that you do for me.

I love and miss you.
5 Responses
  1. Magpie Says:

    Great post. Your mom sounds generous and caring and lovely, and it's wonderful that you can say that to her!

  2. KhrisW Says:

    Hello, MizzM! I'm visiting from SIS. I love your blog!

  3. Kate Says:

    aww such a cute mama!!

  4. Lisa Says:

    Sounds like you have a wonderful mother too!

  5. Steffi Says:

    Great post!I enjoyed to read!