There's always a first time for everything right? Well this is my first time scrapping 8.5x11. I'm usually a 12x12 or a 6x12 girl... but I've never done 8.5x12 before. Did this layout for Angie’s Complete This Layout Challenge at SISTV . I went digi on this one.

I'm off to bed.... I'm sore all over after dance practice yesterday and today. Learnt a new Betawi dance - Ngajoreng and it's not easy... my legs feel like they're gonna fall off!!!

Frame – Amy Sumrall Wubulous Kit
Patterned Paper – Claudi Designs Im Happy Kit
Butterfly Spray – Claudi Designs Im Happy Kit
Beads - Sweet Tomato Designs Darjeeling kit
Glitter - Aprilisa Designs Indonesia Unite Collaborative Kit
Alpha – BZB Designs Teen Scene Kit
Stamp – Studio Mamaecha Indonesia Unite Collaborative Kit
Sun (used as flowers) – Claudi Designs Im Happy Kit

I have a crazy Monday ahead of me... so I better get some rest!

Have a great week ahead all!!


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  1. love the orange!! yummo!

    jemput jemput ikan bilis - bawang hiris, ikan bilis, tepung gandum, telur sebiji, garam sikit and baking powder if you like. kalau takde pun okay juga. can add in daun kucai juga.. sedap. but i didn't because of the two fussy girls.