August so far:

  • Pool competition on the 1st - did pretty well, got all the way into semi finals (playing against guys!!)... and pretty happy with my effort.
  • Hung out at Gusti's place after dinner and just watched movies, drank wine and laughed.... with the usual guys.
  • Caught up with Andre for lunch together with Cika, Sammy and Bang Dade.
  • Took down photos from off my wall - changing things up a bit, still work in progress.
  • Got my Gilmore Girls Seasons 4,5,6 DVDs back from Mba Ki and she even brought me a cupcake! :)
  • Haven't done too much scrapping yet so far... but I got 2 canvases done a few days ago. :)

Canvas for Dessy

Canvas for Hana

Today is a really beautiful sunny day and I was really thankful to have errands to run - I got to bask in the sunshine for a bit... totally lifted my spirits!!

I'm off for a lazy evening... toodles!
4 Responses
  1. amy lapi Says:

    i saw that at sis and was absolutely obsessed with it! you're awesome ;)

  2. Shell Says:

    o wow those canvases are gorgeous.

  3. Nora Says:

    Michalle Hello!
    Beautiful canvases!
    I follow your blog anonymously to hear from you.
    Far but close, you know, okay? :0)

    Greeting from Argentine