Last Sunday the usual close group of people got invited to Mba Nina & Jeffry's place for a small 2nd birthday party for Isaiah. :) 

This little dude pretty much captured all our hearts from the moment he was born. He's the cutest and cuddliest little friend.. and all of us just can't help but lavish our love, cuddles, hugs and kisses on him. 

He's no longer a baby.. and that's a little bit sad that time has flown by so quickly.. he's now a little toddler.. he prefers to hang out with the boys.. and doesn't really want to be picked up and cuddled by us girls anymore.. I'm mourning the loss of that.. 

He's learnt to say please and thank you, to say my name, Michie, which he pronounces Cici.. I'll take it! :)

He's learnt to cuddle when you ask for it, and he still offers his cheeks when you ask him to kiss you (instead of actually kissing your cheek).. 

He loves balls and Blues clues - this explains his birthday cake in the photos! :) 

Hope you had a great birthday little Zay.. Love you!

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