Hiii... it's been a while since I've done one of these... So here we go..


reading: Just finished Morganville Vampies Books 1 & 2 Glass Houses and The Dead Girls' Dance I need to get on to book 3 - Midnight Alley  

watching: nothing lately.. need to catch up on episodes of Hellcats (sadly now cancelled after the 1st season) and Glee

eating: lots of home made Indonesian food lately thanks to Mark's mom, Tante Linda, who's been cooking for us all..

drinking: lots of water - feeling like I'm coming down with a cold..

wearing: layers.. lots of layers.. getting quite cold now.. it's technically still fall, but it sure does feel like winter already!

feeling: happy, giggly, worried, anxious..

weather: Windy, cold, 14 degrees Celcius.. 

playing: Zuma Blitz on Facebook.. super hooked on this. 

wanting: inspiration, mojo and time to scrap! I've got 3 Studio Calico kits waiting for me to break into!

needing: to exercise and get back into cooking..

waiting: for a special bundle of joy to arrive!!! (Not mine!) ;)

enjoying: talking to and getting to know a certain someone...

thankful: for all that I have - my family, friends, activities and 'someone' who's making me smile a lot. :) 

So that's me right now... thanks for stopping by.. 

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