My nerves are shot! It's been a crazy day of anticipation. I'm talking about the OPAAT (One Page At A Time) kit club Design Team call. The entries closed yesterday and today the new team for 2007 is announced.

I've been stalking my email like a mad woman and hitting the refresh key like there's no tomorrow (My fingers got a good work out!) on the OPAAT website. The results are finally out... I didn't make it. Kinda disappointed 'cos I really wanted to be on this DT. Their kits look amazing and very me - my kind of style. The current DT members are a group of women whose work I totally admire.

The upside of things is that I made Honorable Mention - second time in 2 weeks!!

I do feel honored with the knowledge that I did make it to the 'shortlist' of people they considered. This is really encouraging. I do hope that I don't always only stay in the honorable mention category though. Like I said to Debs... it has to be onwards and upwards from here right? :)

Talk about Debs... here's my entry for her CJ. I had a lot of fun creating this layout. It's not totally my usual style but I'm completely happy with it. She's had a peek at it and said that she likes it too. So it's all good! :D The scan is a bit wonky so is the stitching... but IRL it's all straight. :D

Right.. I'm off to scrap a bit... and another day of anticipation. Another site will be announcing it's DT tomorrow. Fingers crossed for me now...
11 Responses
  1. Toni Says:


    your submissions were AWESOME!! It was really hard for us to narrow it down....we had hundreds of submissions!!! Hope you'll join us on the boards!! Would LOVE to see your work in the gallery!!!

    you ROCK!

  2. nat Says:

    Congrats Michelle on honor mention!!! (I didn't even make it there - :( LOL)

    I'm sure with your amazing talent you will be on a wonderful DT soon!!!

  3. Lorrie Says:

    Congrats on HM and good luck today with the next DT submissions!

  4. Shirley Says:

    Congratulations, Michelle! LOVE the layout!!!

  5. Shantay Says:

    Congrats on the honorable mention...keep your head up, the "right" one is coing your way!

  6. scrapgeek Says:

    Hey - congrats on the HM - I'm sure it won't be long for you :)

    Very cool layout too - love the circles and the way you did the journalling.

  7. Kip Says:

    I"m sorry you didn't get this one but good luck on the next one! I think it's wonderful that you made HM though too!


  8. Shirls Says:

    congrats on the HM and i'm sure you are not far away from getting a dt spot:)

    good luck on the one tomorrow.

  9. Ruey Says:

    Hi Michelle

    Congrats on the HM! Your work absolutely ROCKS and I am sure that it won't be very long at all before you get your DT spot. Take care!

  10. ~currant7 Says:

    You can only be HM for a number of times before people will grow tired and you will have to only move up! :) I'm sure your time will come really soon! :D

    Chin up! Your work is too unique to NOT be in any DT soon! :P


  11. Lynda Says:

    Hey congrats on the HM girl, that is huge. Your time will come and look at the amazing layouts and projects you are creating in the meantime!

    Love the CJ layout you did, very cool.