Usually I don't like Tuesdays.. it's a weird day.. Monday is the start of a new week-usually goes by very quickly.. so I don't actually get the Monday blues. Wednesday- is Hump day... halfway through the week.. so that's a good thing. Thursday - the weekend is just a day away. Friday - doing the happy dance.. last day of the week and the weekend starts at 5pm! So Tuesday is neither the start nor the end of the week. Heck..it's not even the middle of the week! So usually I get Tuesday blues...

Today is a different Tuesday. Today I woke up to 2 really cool things in scrappy world. Two things that made my day.. my whole week even.

First thing is this:

You'll need to click on the pic for a better view.

This is the coolest thing ever. First time a Garden Girl comments on my work - Jennifer Harrison. And even more exciting is that Jennifer is the designer/creator of these really cute Bampop papers that I used to make this tag. This really made me feel good. And lucky Shirley will get this tag to keep! :D

Here's a clearer picture of the tag:

Second cool thing to happen is:

(Click on the picture for a bigger view) A PM from Dora the owner of ScrapStreet requesting a layout of mine to be published in the December issue of the Scrap Street e-zine. :D

I didn't actually submit to any of the December calls.. but it's just the coolest thing that she actually emailed me to request for a layout! WOOHOO!!!!

This hostess love tag is for Jamie for organizing the best and funnest (is that a word?) swap ever!!! Thanks Jamie!!

I came home to a belated birthday present from my ex, Ian. He actually went in search for scrapbook stuff in the tiny town he lives in! :D Pretty cool huh?

I need to finish a layout tonight and submit a couple of DT calls. So thanks for peeking!! :D

Oh.... I just realised that in 24 days, I'll be flying home!!!!!!! It's soooo soon! So much to do before I leave... have to get my Christmas pressies sorted too! OMG OMG OMG!!

Have a great day all!


10 Responses
  1. ~currant7 Says:

    too cool girl! as usual - congrats congrats! super happy for you on this one! it's one step closer to what you wanted. :D

    happy that you'll get to go home soon too! :D always great to go home. i want to go home too!

    sweet that your ex would give you such an appropriate gift. :D

    hugs and love!

  2. scrapgeek Says:

    Congratulations Michelle - well done :)

  3. nat Says:

    Congratulations to all the good thinks that happened to you!

  4. Shirley Says:

    Thanks for the FAB tag, sweetie! Congratulations on your toot! And what a sweet birthday gift....

  5. Angela Says:

    Congrats on all the goodness!!!!

  6. Lorrie Says:

    Happy Happy Joy JOY! (doing the happy dance with you!)
    Big Congrats! That's a good way to start ANY day!

  7. mandy Says:

    Congrats on the GG praise...isn't that an aweome feeling?! I remember when Elsie left me praise on a LO..my jaw dropped to the floor! LOL :)

  8. Dessy Says:

    what a sweet ex u have, he sure cares about u :) BTW where does Ian live now?

  9. Biggest congratulations Michelle. Your work is gorgoeus and well deserving the publication.

    Mel from ScrapStreet.

  10. BIG BIG BIG Félicitations ma Michelle!!!

    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}