I've promised Shirley that I'll update my blog and things kept coming up ( I know, I know.. excuses) and I haven't had time to sit and wait for blogger to upload photos (on dialup!).

So today I'm just going through the day.. sneaking in updates here and there till I get everything down and I'll post tonight when I get home! :D

Today is my 1-year anniversary here at my work. I can't believe that it's already been a year since I started out here. I've learnt new things.. and the bosses are great! Really nice people! However, I've decided that I've had enough. It's time for a change. Not now.. but early next year when I get back from my trip back home. I hope that I'll get a change of scenery.. and get to do something that challenges me more.

Ok... birthday dinner photos. Sad to say most of them are really dark due to the lighting in the restaurant. Didn't want to use the flash 'cos of the over exposure.


Jay & I(bday girl)

Harridz (bday boy) & Yessy

Laura, Jessica & mom

Ditha, Adri & Lies

Lucy & Tim

We had dinner at Shanghai restaurant. Just a close group of friends... lots of fun. Good food, good friends = great times.

After dinner we went to Breakers for a few games of pool. Man I sucked big time that night! I don't .... probably because I haven't played in a while. The guys that I normally beat.. I lost to them that night!

We all called it a night around midnight and I went home and went to bed! Yikes... turning 27 is turning me into an old lady! LOL!

Right... that's all for now. Blogger won't let me upload more photos to this post. Shirley.. food photos coming up!
4 Responses
  1. xobellaaimox Says:

    omg. everything looks fabbbb... i am getting so hungry!

  2. xobellaaimox Says:

    ahh! was it your birthday!!! oh happy day, darling!! :) :)


  3. Shirley Says:

    Sounds like a fantastic birthday celebration! :)

  4. ~currant7 Says:

    Great photos! Ty for posting. :)