Where New Zealand is???

This package was sent to me by a friend in the States last NOVEMBER... and I just received this last week!!! On the envelope it said "MISROUTED TO UGANDA".

????? What in the world?! How can you confuse New Zealand and Uganda???

Anyway... it was kinda nice to have surprise mail... :D Thanks Cynthia!!!!

Anyway... will be back later with more updates I guess... gotta get back to work for now.
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  1. Robyn W Says:

    well they both have 2 a's in them


    how are you ???
    been awhile....talk soon

  2. scrapgeek Says:

    Well I can see why they confused a landlocked country in Africa with a couple of islands in the Pacific - they are pretty similar LOL!

  3. Miss Lai Lai Says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Sorry for the late response - and please lah, of course I still remember you . I see that you are full on into blogging and scrapping! Good for you. Looks all colourful on your site.

    Hope you're all good down there in Wellington. Take care.

    Oh, and just link the blogspot one. ;-)

  4. Shirley Says:

    WOW! someone is seriously geographically challenged!

  5. Cynthia Says:

    Whoa....so that's where it's been!

    Well, so, what did I send ya???? Cause in the last five months, I forgot! LOL

    Holy mail service!!!


  6. Vee Says:

    that is crazy!! happy mail is fun!

  7. you've got the same as us, as I see.


    when I think I don't find any job with DH, I'm disgusted...


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  8. ~currant7 Says:

    wow...interesting indeed!

  9. Sonora Says:

    Keep up the good work.