Just a little meme from Sophia at 2Peas...

A vegetable - Broccoli
An animal - Puppy
A fruit - Mango
A color - hot pink!
A household object - TV
An article of clothing - A slinky red dress
A Drink - Mojito
A famous person - Audrey Hepburn
A Film Character - Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman (forgot her character name)
A cartoon Character - Pebbles from The Flinstones
A Car - Rav4
A city - Milan
A country - Italy
A mythical Creature - unicorn (original huh?LOL!)
A chocolate bar - Twix
A book - Any of my favorite chick-lits
A sport - Pool
A word - Laugh
One of your family - Just me
One of your friends - I'm happy being me... :)

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