Wow... the weekend was fun! Well... nothing out of the ordinary but I got to hangout with friends and people watch. The Rugby Sevens were on here in Wellington on Friday and Saturday. After dinner on Friday - Laura, Lies, Harridz and I parked ourselves on the couches at Starbucks and people watched. A lot of them were dressed up in crazy costumes... some in nude body suits with fake body hair (you get the idea!), men in diaper made from garbage bags, a number of Jack Sparrows, Borats, you name it.

Saturday night we did the same.. with a few additional friends this time. And boy was it busy in town. Sevens finished on Saturday so there was a lot more people in town that night. And a bigger variety of costumes. Saw a few tubs of yoghurt... Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles... policeman/women... sailor girls... pilots... just a whole variety of people who were crazy enough to dress up! I was quite surprised to not see a single trolley dolly... :D

Well.. here's the double page layout I did for Sharon's CJ - the theme was 20 Questions. Underneath all the coasters are the questions and on the actual coasters, I had the answers.

So here are the shoe-spirations for the weekend.

Well.. that's all for now.. will update again soon....
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  1. scrapgeek Says:

    Awesome layout Michelle - can't wait to see it!! And do people really wear those shoes????