Today.. it has been exactly 2 years since Jay and I started dating... :D Time has just flown sooooo quickly... in these two years we've both learnt a lot about each other... we both got to be there for each other in the good and the not so good times... we went on several road trips together... and a few months ago we even we travelling together in Bali, and Jay went home with me to Malaysia too.

We spent the day chillin' and just hanging out and went out to Lone Star for an early dinner. The place was quite packed eventhough we were there just not long after 6pm!

Great food as always. After dinner, we decided to go elsewhere for dessert and we drove around to the new French cafe that sells wonderful little cakes and to our dismay, the place was closed!

So we we ended up going to the waterfront at Oriental Bay and we had gelato... YUMMY!!! :D It was a really nice end to our dinner date..... I had brought my camera and was planning to take photos of the waterfront, but it got a bit too cold and both of us didn't bring a jacket.... so we made a run for the car and left.

All in all a great day!! :D

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  1. shirls Says:

    happy 2 year anniversary:)

  2. Ruey Says:

    Happy Happy anniversary!!!!!

  3. Vee Says:

    happy anni!!
    :) shipped you some goodies today :)