I went to my first crop ever at Kiwiscraps tonight!!! It was a wonderful night!!

Got to catch up with Jo, Gina and Donna....and not too much done scrapping wise! But it's ok... :D I've not seen these ladies in almost 6 months... and despite living in the same city.. we just don't get the chance to catch up as often due to our own personal commitments... Hopefully we'll get to catch up in a couple of months time.. LOL!

Here are some photos from tonight...



Gina, Me, Donna & Jo

Of course a little bit of browsing and shopping is a must....

Now I'm off to scrap some and then off to bed.. I have an appointment with the hairdressers tomorrow....
7 Responses
  1. Ruey Says:

    hip hip hooray....3 cheers for losing your crop virginity! I was ecstatic at losing mine last October as well...what a memorable event....I went to an all day fundraiser crop and got one layout half done. LOL My second one was in Feb this year and I half did 2 layouts.....I improved!!! And there is hope Michelle......coz when I went to the retreat...I did heaps!!! hmmm.....see if there is a retreat you can go to....so much fun!!!

  2. scrapgeek Says:

    Looks like you guys had a terrific time :)

  3. how lucky gal you are!


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  4. Shirley Says:

    WOW! no one said that you had to get anything done at those things! ;)

  5. Anonymous Says:

    that photo of me is terrible michelle!! Still it was a good night. Hey there aren't any rtreats that i know of but there is an 8 hour crop coming up in july or august that i can let you know about

  6. Yay!! Congrats on your special occasion!!! lol

    Love the pics! Can't wait to see the layouts you create with them! Hugs, *E*

  7. Nat Says:

    looks like you had an awesome time!! HOw cool.

    You are very lucky - LOL - we don't even have a shop like this and no crops :-(

    I guess I have to come and visit you ;-)