WOW! Today I was totally blown away! Big SIS (Jeanette aka JJ) posted about choosing a Lil' SIS at SIStv.. and then went on to say :

OK, get this...we have been working on the whole new "guest Fashionista" idea for a while, and it just hit me that we need to have TWO! One that I choose, and one that the Fashionistas choose...they are equal in "status" or whatevah you want to call it, but one is my choice and one is the girls...what do you think????? I'm so excited because I already know who mine is!!! Hehehehehehehe...it was REALLY hard, because I could make a list of people right now off the top of my head who I would like to choose...just gives me a lot of options for other months, though... :D

OK, I'll stop back by soon and make my announcement...I can't wait!!! the F girls may have to make theirs a little bit later, because I have to get their votes in...

And then.. she posted a new thread with the title:

Click Here To Find Out

I totally wanted it to be like when they announce "America's Next Top Model"...they just show the picture. So I've linked her profile! Hehe
**Before I said October, because apparently, I'm on drugs...I have been thinking so much about KC's collection for October, I got confused...snap! I let it out again!!!

Soon, you will be hearing from me about why I chose this awesome girl for my first ever L'il SISter...stay tuned!

When I clicked on the link.. I nearly died! It linked to my profile page!
I don't even know what I did to deserve this!!
Quoting JJ - I'm totally verklempt! I just am gobsmacked!

I just feel totally warm and fuzzy all over!!!

So I finally got my Mix Tape layout done for the This Is Me challenge. Here it is:

Thanks for sharing my exciting news!! :) I still can't believe it!!!
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  1. Nat Says:

    That is really sooo cool!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  2. Pandachu Says:

    Congratulations!! Well done gal!

  3. Laurie Says:

    Congratulations girlie! Totally deserved! You rock!

  4. Silvitanova Says:

    Congratulations! This is sooo cool!

  5. giuseppina Says:


  6. Shirley Says:

    Congratulations, Michelle!

  7. MsGrace Says:

    Wow!! Congratulations!


  8. Lisa Says:

    WOOOW congrats girl!!

  9. Natasja Says:

    This is so cool!!!!

  10. Congratulations, Michelle!!!

    You totally deserve it!

  11. micayla Says:

    Ya to you girlie!!! I am soooo happy for ya!

  12. OMG!!!! That is so cool, Michelle!! Totally deserved!

  13. Michellllllleeee!!! You so totally rock!!! Congrats! ;)

  14. Jeff Says:

    I just wanted to say thank you for your nice comments on my wife's blog. Congtrats to you!