My week has gone by so quickly my head is spinning!!! Work has been really really busy.. when I get home at night I'm just so exhausted!

First of all, Happy 30th Anniversary to my mom and dad!

Exciting news! My challenge is up for this week at Scrap In Style. Head over there and join in the challenges! There are lots of great prizes up for grabs!

For me scrapping is not just about scrapping only the good things, but also the not so good ones. Life isn't always rosy and scrapping only the good things doesn't give a balanced or real look at my life. So my challenge to you is to scrap a regret - it doesn't have to be anything super serious if you don't want to. It can be regretting that extra slice of pizza you had or a friendship lost over something silly. I really regretted never wearing my braces to the full prescribed term, so here's my layout about losing the chance to have nice teeth. My challenge is to scrap a regret... here's my layout.

The long weekend is gone.. that was really fast!! I had a quiet one.. stayed home and scrapped all day Saturday and ordered pizza for dinner! Sunday I stayed in again.. just trying to scrap and mooch around and surf the gallery at SIStv. In the evening I went out to dinner with Jay. We went to the Diwali Festival after dinner and watched Indian dance performances including belly dancers and the runners up and winners of the Bollywood dance competition. That was quite enjoyable... and the plus point - free entertainment!

On Monday I scrapped in the morning and then went to the Wakefield Market for a late lunch. together with Jay. We met up with Laura, Peter and Adri there. After lunch Jay and I took a long drive around the bays. It was a gorgeous day.. sunny and warm. Just totally beautiful! It was great.Went home after that.. and just relaxed.. getting mentally prepared for work on Tuesday.

Mojo's back!!! I scrapped 5 layouts throughout the weekend! 4 on Saturday itself.. that's a record for me... see.. I'm a slow scrapper... and the most I've ever done is 2 1/2 layouts in one day... that's why I'm so excited and happy I actually churned these babies out!

LOVE the KC Collection!!! I just can't wait to create more layouts using the collection! JJ totally sent me mojo together with it!!!

I did this a couple of weeks ago... had the idea in my head for a while..Doodled all the little squares! :D

Okay.. that's all for now.. Off to get on with my DT work... :D
11 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    YAY!!!! the eye candy is back! happy anniversary to your parents!

  2. Linda Says:

    I really like all of your layouts, my favorites are the last one and gifts galore. Very pretty!

  3. Pandachu Says:

    Yay! Lots of scrapping. I LOVE your square doodling...talk abt thinking out of the box!

  4. Laura McCann Says:

    awesome Lo's!!! loving all the fonts!

  5. Bonjour!

    how are you?


    {ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

  6. Debbi Says:

    OMG totally LOVE all your LO's. Especially the doodle box one.

  7. oh oh my -- I just love your style. It is bright and vibrant. I can also appreciate you call to scrap ALL of our life, even the unhappy or sad moments.

  8. Love that layout, Michelle!!!!!!!

  9. Natasja Says:

    wow girl, great layouts!!!

    Happy belated anniversary to your parents!

  10. Natasja Says:

    wow girl, great layouts!!!

    Happy belated anniversary to your parents!

  11. Dayami Says:

    woo hoo!!! Michelle, Im loving all your layouts!!! wow!!
    Mojo is DEFINITELY BACK!!! not that you ever lost your mojo imo ;)