Have you ever woken up from a dream and felt all warm and fuzzy?

I did this morning! I had a really random dream last night where this cute guy (supposedly a friend of mine - but no one I actually know in real life) was being totally nice to me. I was really bogged down at work and a group of us were having lunch together in a cafeteria-like place (somewhere that felt like it was very near my work place) where I said that I wish I could take an hour lunch break to go for a walk and destress for a bit.

This guy friend got up and disappeared for a couple of minutes and came back with a number (like the type you get when you order food), put it down on the table and said to me.. go take your hour break. You can now... and I was stumped! Apparently he worked it out with my manager or boss or something that he'd work that hour for me! In my dream I got the vibe that he was keen on me (and that was a really nice feeling!) and I kinda liked him too... did I mention he was cute??!!!

And then at another totally random time, we were both in my room back in Malaysia and apparently I've got a new baby sister!!! We were both just playing and loving on the baby..and totally acting like we were a couple! It was kinda weird.. a nice kind of weird.

I wonder what this dream means... anyway.. it made me feel really warm & fuzzy today....what a nice feeling. :)
2 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    What DID you eat before you went to bed? LOL!

  2. Jacqie Says:

    It means that the man of your dreams will come soon!!!! I think....well, who knows....its nice to just think of it that way :P Wish I could have dreams like that too :P