I like Mondays....the fact that it's the start of a brand new week makes it pretty exciting.
I get excited to see what the week holds for me.. so Mondays are good... busy but still good.

I enjoyed and savored the moments of my day and appreciated the little things.

My little thing today was that I downloaded Bob Sinclar feat Dollarman - Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) - LOVE this song!

And then I danced around my room with this song playing on loop!! LOL!

It felt really good to do that after a hard day at work.

I strongly recommend taking time out each day to just dance with pure abandon!

And I put the camera on timer and took pics too! Hahhaha....total cam whore but I don't care! :D

Just wanna share!

Hope you've all had a lovely Monday!
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  1. Shirley Says:

    Can't wait to see the pics! Love the new header, too!