My weekend was great!! :)Had coffee with a couple of Korean friends after work on Friday and then headed to the Indonesian embassy for a social function. Got loved on by my friend's little girl, Kezia - played hide and seek with her and fed her dinner and just hung out with friends. That was lovely! :D

Spent the day with my friend, Lisa yesterday. She asked me to take photos of her and I did get some good shots. (Here are just a few)

Then we went shopping at Dressmart and at Queensgate and I spent a bit of money getting new clothes and a new pair of boots. I got a tunic dress for $10 and a black long sleeve top (non merino!! Can't wear merino) for $10.99 and a really cool wrap around dress (can be dressed up or down!) from Max. Basically everything I got were on sale except for a pair of leggings from Lippy.

And then in the evening, I went to a friend's baby shower/farewell for a little while and came home to an early night - who knew shopping could be so tiring!

Today I went to Newlands College for the opening of the Indonesian Independence Day sports tournament. Just a chance to catch up with friends and buy some Indonesian food (risoles & pisang goreng). :) After that, Priza, Sammy, Bang Dade and myself went to lunch at Rams and I went to Gordon Harris to get a canvas (to make a farewell gift) and canvases were on 35% off! Woohoo!

Then it's just a lazy evening in - rang my parents, edited photos from yesterday and watched Greys Anatomy.

Phew! This has been a rather social weekend in comparison to my usual ones!!! Hope you had a great weekend!
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  1. Shirley Says:

    fabulous pics of your friend!

  2. scrappysue Says:

    fashion parade please!!!