I got another layout done and scanned! Woohoo!! :)

Today's been really busy but I felt so satisfied at the end of the day to get so much done!!! :)

Just sharing this layout today... nothing much else to add.

Have a happy day!
5 Responses
  1. Shirley Says:

    Totally cute!!!

  2. Shell Says:

    and may i add, a little off topic, but i loved my nametag for SISLIVE '09. i'm so glad you got my name, b/c i love felt.

  3. Marit Says:

    I'm a bit ashamed that this is only the second time I visit here... I make it up to you so let's start with this: I left something for you on my blog today!!!!

  4. Estíbaliz Says:

    Hi!! I use your blog's title on my nick of msn. I didn't know nothing about this blog, but I saw it and I like it so much, it's so "allegro" hehehe. Ciao, kisses!!

    Nice to meet you!!

  5. amy lapi Says:

    yay! it's supercute too!