Wow!!! The week has gone. It's the weekend again here. I stayed up most of last night to scrap. I'm making a set of 3 mini canvases for a guy friend's birthday present. Love the fun happy colors I've used. Not quite done yet.. but getting there.

I've noticed something last night when painting chipboard alphas - There's something calming about it.. all the little bit in the sides and inside. Eventhough it takes a while and it's tricky to hold when painting the sides.. I find it weirdly calming.

I've got a few layouts that need the finishing touches on them.. so hopefully I'll be able to finish them off this afternoon. Then I can get started on new ones. I'm notorious for creating layouts and when I get a mental block, I put them away and then start new ones without finishing those ones first! LOL!

So I'm going to finish those two off so I can post them here.

I've got a few things in mind that I want to do too.. so it's just a short post for now.

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  1. ~currant7 Says:

    Hi girl!

    Too bad I didn't know that there's a CKU-Tokyo...bf's relatives are in Japan and I could have went to visit since they kept asking me and Ed to come. :P {A} was there! Oh no!!! Work just gets in the way.

    I know what you mean with regards to not being able to finish previous works when mojo disappears then later comes back. :P

    With regards to the calming effect of painting, I believe it's basically because of our brains focusing in something else than our daily routine. :)

    Got Elsie news for you too...but that would be for another blog.


  2. xobellaaimox Says:

    love staying up all night to scrap :) wish we could do it together sometime :(

  3. Good for you - that you went back and finished those pages that you were previously blocked on. Dare I admit that I have a HUGE stack of unfinished pages dating back years and years and years? Once I hit a block, I get frustrated and then move on to something new. You have inspired me to go back through that stack and see if there is anything worth saving. Thanks for the inspiration.