I've been sooooo busy with work,work Christmas function, laundry, friend's graduation, Christmas shopping, present wrapping, Dream Street manufacturer album & DT call, being sick and entertaining out of town friends - that I've just not have the energy to update my blog!

There's a lot to post.. but my internet connection is playing up at the moment.. so we'll see if I have the patience to upload photos...maybe tomorrow.

I've still not finished my Christmas shopping....although I've done most of it. Just need to pick up a few more pressies and I should be done.

On a positive note - my laundry pile has gone down a lot! :) Did 2 loads today... Hope to get at least one more done tomorrow.

Managed to get my entries in for the Dream Street manufacturer album & DT call on Pub Calls Blog. All the entries will be posted tomorrow.. I'm quite excited to see them. Will upload photos tomorrow since my internet is playing up at the moment and I need to go to bed soon.

Had a great day entertaining and hanging out with my friends yesterday. We had 2 friends who came up from Christchurch for the weekend. Met up with Kenny, Ari, Chiqa and Lala after lunch. Had a quick look around the shops on Lambton Quay and then we went off to Oriental Bay for gelato.. yum! Lies met up with us there too. After that we went off to Parade Cafe for a coffee.... had a great time laughing and joking and taking photos. Unfortunately the photos are all on Chiqa and Ari's cameras... I'll have to get them off those two.

We met up again for dinner at Monsoon Poon and the wait was excruciatingly long! 45 minutes for a table and at least another 30 minutes till we got our food! Usually I would be really annoyed and impatient but because we just had a great time talking and laughing and taking pictures.. I didn't mind the wait one bit.

After dinner, Jay left and we proceeded to Bowling Lounge. A really cool new bowling alley with pool tables.. a really classy bar and overall a really nice ambience. More laughs, more photos (really cool ones!) and some alcohol.

From there we went off to Tasting Room and had a few drinks... a LOT of laughs and we got to see a whole different side of Adri - totally funny and crazy!! We were all very surprised and loved it! After about an hour or so of crazy laughing.. we went off to GoGo bar... it was surprisingly quiet there.. well not totally quiet.. but not like how it usually is - jampacked to the extent that you only have a 1 feet radius space to dance in. It was great... a lot of dancing.. a little bit more alcohol.. a few photos.. a bit of a laugh.. and we were off.

We ended the night at CHA - had bubble tea and dumplings in chilli oil for supper. We were all dead tired but extremely happy by then. :) All in all.. a wonderful wonderful day!

Thanks for a great time my dearest friends - Adri, Ari, Kenny, Harridz, Chiqa, Lala and Lies. You guys ROCK!!!

Right.. I'm off to bed now. Will update with pics and layouts soon! Hopefully tomorrow if my internet connection co-operates!
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  1. You've been TAGGED on my blog gal!
    Did you received my message?
    2peaz doesn't work for me today!

    Have a good day!!!



  2. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like you had a great weekend! good luck on the dream st dt. hope you get it:)

  3. Anonymous Says:

    sounds like you had a great weekend! good luck on the dream st dt. hope you get it:)